Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024: Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6, Galaxy Ring and more

Man drawing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with S pen
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The next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is coming, and it'll be here sooner than you think — Summer 2024. Yes, the year is going by that fast.

Samsung is running a marathon this year. The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 follows the January Unpacked event, which revealed the Galaxy S24 phone and teased the Galaxy Ring.

We've known that the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 would be a thing. It's an easy guess due to the company's annual pattern, but there was also an exclusive confirmation reported by SamMobile in February.

Naturally, we're most excited about the laptops, like the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge, which kept getting leaked. But there are rumors of a Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro on the horizon.

Here's everything we know about Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024, from when it's happening to what's going to be there.

When is Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024?

We've seen a number of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked events over the summer. The 2023 edition took place in July, whereas the 2022 and 2021 showcases were held in August.

It seems Samsung is trying to get ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games, which begin on July 26 in Paris. SamMobile has confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 will take place in July and predicts the showcase will fall on July 10.

However, Samsung still hasn't revealed any information regarding the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 — or even confirmed it publicly.

What's getting announced at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024?

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge and Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro

Since we learned about the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge, which will carry the Snapdragon X Elite chipset, we've been more than excited to see how the company intends to use it. From the leaked photos and performance, it seems like Samsung is aiming to compete with the MacBook Pro

See also: Is Samsung making a MacBook killer? Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge with Snapdragon X Elite leaked (again)

Of course, as of May 21, we got the official advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge (seen in the YouTube above). It's launching with a 14-inch and 16-inch model and can be outfitted with a Snapdragon X Elite 3.4GHz or Snapdragon X Elite 3.8GHz CPU. If you pre-order now on Samsung's website, you can get it by June 18.

That's way before Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024. So what's going to be the point of the event? The company is still likely going to talk about it, but it's more likely that the event will showcase the rumored Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro.

Laptop makers have long been after Apple's top spot, and it would be nice to see Samsung, a highly competitive smartphone manufacturer, show off an equally competitive laptop. That's not to say that previous Galaxy Books haven't been good, but they haven't matched that MacBook Pro-level of quality.

Whether the Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro is released this Summer or not, we're excited to get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge soon.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 design renders

(Image credit: SmartPrix)

A slew of new Samsung phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, should also debut. We've already predicted that the next launch date would be in July to August 2024 — so the timing adds up with Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024.

We expect the usual minor upgrades, but the most recent leak we saw was about a potential Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim

CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants Ross Young wrote in a post on X stating that Samsung might be working on a "Fold 6 Slim" with a "bigger display than the Fold 6." 

Apparently, the "price [will] probably [be] similar to the Fold 6." That's wild if true. It'll be interesting to see how Samsung differentiates these models when it comes to the core specs if the price is intended to be the same.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

(Image credit: Laptop Mag/Sean Riley)

If we get the Fold, we'll naturally get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. We also predicted the Flip 6 would launch sometime in July to August 2024. For better or worse, Samsung is predictable like that.

The most recent rumor we heard was that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 could have a crease-free display

The Elec reporter Lee Jong-jong explained that the Flip 6 would have a thicker glassy display, and that "As the UTG becomes thicker, surface hardness (hardness) can be increased and wrinkles in the center of the foldable panel can be made less visible."

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 upgraded to a 3.4-inch outer display, and it's rumored that the Flip 6 would also get an upgrade, bumping up to 3.9 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring at Galaxy Unpacked 2024

(Image credit: Samsung)

Yep, this is a weird one. At Samsung Galaxy Unpacked January 2024, the company teased the Galaxy Ring, a competitor to the Oura Ring fitness tracker. 

We haven't heard a peep from Samsung about it, so it may come flooding in at  Unpacked this summer.

ET News reported that the Samsung Galaxy Ring would include features like an ECG and “blood flow measurement.” Apparently, you can also use it to control wireless devices and make payments.

Considering that Oura Rings cost around $300, we're a bit anxious to see what price Samsung will ask for them.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

(Image credit: Samsung)

Where there's a Summer Unpacked event, there's a Samsung Galaxy Watch rearing its face. This year we'll likely see the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 announcement.

According to a SamMobile report, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 might have a square display, sharpening up those natural round curves its predecessors wore. Apparently, “the idea is enthusiastically being considered internally.” 

The square design might be another attempt at looking like Apple. We'll have to see it to judge it, but Samsung, just do your own thing.

Rumors also suggest we might get Wear OS 5, longer battery life, and the new Exynos W940 processor.


We're excited to jump into all things Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024. We're expecting quite the show with quite the number of products dropping all at once. Of course, I'm excited to see what the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro can do (if it actually shows up).

For more news, rumors, and updates on everything related to the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 and all things tech, follow Laptop Mag on XFacebook, and Flipboard for the latest news as it arrives.

We'll also be running a live blog the day of the event, but before then, stay tuned to this page for more updates.

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