Shure's tiny MoveMic offers a stealth new wireless mic system for content creators

Shure launches exciting MoveMic wireless lav mic system
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Shure recently unveiled the MoveMic Microphone System, a new line of wireless clip-on microphones designed for content creators, videographers, and mobile journalists. The MoveMic promises reliable, broadcast-quality audio in a discreet and ultra-lightweight package, making it ideal for capturing clear sound on the go.

We just received our review kit and at first glance there's reason to be excited about this one. The lightweight design and super user-friendliness could help set it apart in an increasingly crowded market. The MoveMic looks to be a contender for our best wireless mics if it also delivers on Shure's long history of excellent audio, and build quality.

MoveMic: What you need to know

  • Tiny and Mighty: Forget bulky mics that steal the spotlight. Each MoveMic microphone weighs a mere 8.2 grams, ensuring it stays virtually invisible while clipped to clothing.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the elements, the MoveMic boasts an IPX4 rating, meaning it can handle spills, splashes, and even light rain.
  • All-Day Battery Life: Capture a full day's worth of content with a single charge. Each microphone offers 8 hours of recording, and the included charging case provides an additional 16 hours of juice.
  • Seamless Recording: No more fumbling with settings before every recording. The MoveMic remembers your last connection and pairs easily, allowing you to focus on capturing the moment.
  • Professional Audio, Simplified: Shure's expertise shines through in the MoveMic's ability to deliver broadcast-quality audio, even in noisy environments, at a distance of up to 100 feet from the receiver.
  • Versatility at Your Fingertips: Choose the MoveMic One for solo ventures or the MoveMic Two for dual-channel recording. Additionally, the system can connect directly to your phone or integrate with cameras, computers, and other devices using the MoveMic Receiver.
  • Fine-Tune Your Audio: Take control of your sound with the free MOTIV app. Adjust gain, compression, and other settings, or even livestream directly to Facebook (with YouTube integration coming soon).

Final Thoughts

With its combination of exceptional audio quality, compact design, and versatile features, the MoveMic could be a game-changer for content creators seeking professional-grade sound without the bulk. The MoveMic is available now on and select retailers, starting at $249 for just the single mic. The MoveMic 2 is $349 and the MoveMic Two receiver Kit is $499. 

We will have a full review shortly and share our results with you.

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