Nothing phone (1) has a cool secret feature — here’s how to activate it

Nothing phone (1)
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I’ve had the Nothing phone (1) for a week now (the review is coming soon) and the Glyph Interface is quite a fascinating system of 900 LEDs, which pulse and flash for all kinds of purposes like notifications and showing you its battery level.

But not many people know that the lights actually have a secret party trick. In a homage to the music visualizers you find in Windows Media Play and iTunes, you can actually make the lights flash in time with any music you play on the phone.

Lucky for you, we have a guide on how to activate this Nothing phone (1) easter egg.

(Image credit: Future)

But first, a warning

One thing I’m noticing about the Nothing phone (1) Glyph lights is that when they start flashing, they really have no chill, to the point that it could be an epilepsy risk.

If you or someone else you plan to show this to does have epilepsy, maybe give this a pass until Nothing figures out a way to smooth out the lighting.

How to unlock the Nothing phone (1) Music Visualisation feature

(Image credit: Future)
  1. Open up your address book and create a new contact with just the first name ‘Abra’
  2. Save the contact, head over to settings and open the Glyph Interface
  3. Tap Ringtones, then tap Add a contact
  4. Assign a ringtone to Abra, save and back out
  5. And voila! In the Glyph Interface menu, there’s an option to turn on Music Visualisation
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