Rode acquires Mackie in a move that will benefit content creators

Rode microphone and pop shield
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In a move that could be felt across the audio industry, Rode Microphones has announced its acquisition of Mackie — the legendary innovator in live sound solutions since 1989. This strategic partnership signifies a new era for both brands, creating a formidable entity under The Freedman Group, poised to shape the future of professional audio.

The combined expertise of Rode and Mackie unlocks a comprehensive and unrivaled portfolio of audio solutions. Rode, synonymous with pristine audio capture through its industry-leading microphones, joins forces with Mackie, revered for its robust mixers and powerful speakers. This convergence translates to an end-to-end ecosystem catering to the diverse needs of audio professionals, from aspiring content creators to seasoned live sound engineers.

"This acquisition represents a paradigm shift in the audio landscape," says Peter Freedman AM, Founder and Chairman of The Freedman Group. "Mackie's legacy in live sound is unmatched, and their shared passion for innovation and customer focus aligns perfectly with Rode's core values. By joining forces, we are not simply expanding our reach but creating a premier audio powerhouse capable of delivering world-class products to a wider audience, from the intimate home studio to the grandest live stage."

What to expect

Beyond the expanded product portfolio, the synergy between Rode and Mackie lies in their remarkable origin stories. Both brands rose to prominence as pioneering champions of democratized audio. Rode empowered creators with affordable, high-quality microphones, while Mackie revolutionized home recording with its iconic mixers and speakers. Today, they are leaders in their respective fields and have joined forces to share a vision of making professional-grade audio accessible to all.

"I have immense admiration for Rode and their journey," says Alex Nelson, CEO of Mackie. "Their manufacturing prowess and technological leadership are second to none. This makes them the perfect partner to propel Mackie forward as we embark on this exciting new chapter. We have a captivating product roadmap ahead, with major announcements brewing before NAMM 2024. This is a pivotal moment for Mackie, and we're thrilled to share this journey with the Rode team."

Final thoughts

The Rode and Mackie merger is more than just a business transaction; it shows Rode's commitment to pursuing audio excellence. Mackie shares Rode's passion for empowering creators and a commitment to shaping the future of sound. Together, they stand poised to amplify voices, ignite creativity, and bring audio magic to life like never before.

I can't wait for 2024 to begin and all the gear this move brings to content creators. 

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