Yikes! Don't make this Apple Vision Pro mistake or it could cost you

Yikes! Don't make this Apple Vision Pro mistake or it could cost you
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Imagine shelling out $3,499 for a cutting-edge gadget, only to be locked out by a forgotten passcode. Sounds dystopian, right? Welcome to the bizarre reality facing some Apple Vision Pro buyers. According to Bloomberg, forgetting your passcode on this mixed-reality headset means a forced pilgrimage to an Apple Store or mailing it to customer support. Talk about a buzzkill in the metaverse.

Here's the rub: enter the wrong code too often, and your Vision Pro takes a time-out, just like any other Apple device. However, you can't just reset your Apple Vision Pro using the same method you'd use to reset your iPhone passcode. If you still can't remember after the mandatory cool-down, Apple swoops in to reset your code. But brace yourself because this "heroic" act comes at a cost: all your precious data gets Thanos-snapped. Ouch.

Your journey has just begun

But wait, there's more! Some forum users report getting locked out even with the correct code (is this a glitch in the Matrix?). Then you have to trek to high tech Mordor, I mean, an Apple Store, hoping they can fix it. And if Apple's Genius Bar can't revive your bricked headset with their $299 "Developer Strap" (yes, you read that right), a whole device replacement might be your only hope. Talk about an expensive paperweight. 

There's a glimmer of hope before you panic and start memorizing your social security number as your passcode. The Vision Pro is a newborn in the tech world so the reset process might evolve in the future. Fingers crossed, it arrives as a software update, not with the Apple Vision Pro 2. Until then, remember: with great vision comes great password responsibility. Choose wisely, or prepare for a reality check (and a potentially hefty bill). Also, save your passcode in your password manager or share it with your spouse, or significant other. If not, you could be stuck trudging your way to the Apple Store with Vision Pro in tow.

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