Samsung XR/VR headset rumors: Price, release date, and 3 features we'd like to see

Samsung Mixed Reality Headset concept shaded out
(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Rael Hornby)

Every passing year feels like it could be the year for VR, and 2024 is no different. PlayStation's VR2 and Meta's Quest 3 both launched in 2023, so we'll probably see a lot of new software released in 2024 for these headsets. Then, early 2024 will feature the launch of Apple's Vision Pro headset, and Samsung's new XR/VR headset may launch later in the year. 

The Samsung XR/VR headset was meant to launch much earlier, but after Apple unveiled specs for the Vision Pro headset, Samsung realized its lower-spec headset just couldn't compare. Launching it alongside the Vision Pro headset would've certainly made it flop. 

Samsung has since teamed up with Qualcomm and Google to hopefully produce an impressive mid-range headset. Here's everything we know right now about Samsung's upcoming XR/VR headset.

Latest news


With no clear idea of Samsung’s new VR headset specs, there’s no way to know for sure how much it will cost. However, TechRadar mentions that initial rumors priced Samsung’s potential headset at around $1,000. With Samsung revamping its headset specs following Apple’s Vision Pro announcement, this new mixed reality headset could end up costing closer to $2,000, which would still be $1,500 less than the Apple Vision Pro.

Release date

Samsung’s initial plans to announce or release its new VR headset were delayed when Apple’s Vision Pro headset came out with better specs than anticipated, causing Samsung to reevaluate its 2,000 PPI display and upgrade to a 3,000 PPI display to level the playing field. Tech tipster Connor (@OreXda) tweeted that the new 3,000 PPI display “samples are scheduled to be produced in Nov.”

A Korean publication (via XR Today) estimated the VR headset’s original release date to be early 2024, and said it had been pushed back by up to 6 months. Nothing has been confirmed, but if Samsung’s samples of the updated 3,000 PPI display were just produced in November, an early 2024 announcement and late 2024 release date seem possible.  

3 features we'd like to see

Initial rumors of Samsung’s XR/VR headset indicated it would have simple, budget-friendly displays. However, after Apple’s announcement of the Vision Pro headset with its premium displays, Samsung supposedly went back to the drawing board. Korean newspaper The JoonAng (via ZDNet) says Samsung commissioned Samsung Display screens with higher resolution to match Apple’s 4K-in-each-eye (8K) displays.

We’d love to see Samsung’s revamped VR headset feature these crisper, more immersive displays in combination with slightly lower specs or lower-quality materials than the Vision Pro to make the headset more affordable. Supposedly, Samsung might also use dual micro-OLED in its displays, which would make it match the Vision Pro’s display specs entirely.

Samsung XR headset

(Image credit: Vrtuoluo / Samsung)

Leaked photos of Samsung’s original headset prototype resemble early Oculus Quest and HTC Vive headsets. With Samsung reportedly refreshing its VR headset specs, we’d also like to see a refreshed design that’s more unique than the original prototype. The design doesn’t need to be too new-agey or overly ambitious, but we’d like to see a design that sets it apart in some ways from other VR headsets on the market.

Lastly, we’d love it if the rumors of Samsung bringing smell-based technology to its new headset were true. The technology is rare, but incorporating scents into the VR experience would make it incredibly immersive. It’d also certainly set Samsung apart from the competition. With Samsung only recently updating its displays, it seems far-fetched that they’d perfect smell-based technology in time for a 2024 release. Still, it’s nice to dream! 

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