Samsung XR rumor could break new ground with "smells"

Samsung XR headset
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Samsung has suffered various leaks revealing that the company is developing an XR headset of some kind, with images of early models (via Android Authority) showcasing what prototypes currently look like. But rumors keep piling up, with a new one suggesting that the company is looking for methods of implementing scents into the experience.

Twitter user @Tech_Reve claims that both "touch and smell" are being considered by the company for implementation. Beyond that, "related technology" is set to be unveiled at Samsung System LSI Tech Day on October 5.

Samsung's XR headset could implement scents

Considering the leak suggests the company is still only considering touch and smell, we're not expecting that will be part of the "related technology" being revealed at Samsung's event next month. Instead, it might just be a reveal that the company is working on an XR headset.

That same leaker also claimed that the headset's display specs are "impressive, with over 3000ppi." It might be this is in the realm of what Samsung will focus on during this event.

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

But it's fascinating that Samsung might take a dive into a scent-based experience with this new headset, especially since none of the other big VR/AR/XR headset companies are doing this. Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro haven't tried to come close to something like this quite yet.

It would be a total shock if Samsung could successfully implement this sort of thing, but don't expect it to be a surefire confirmation. Smell-based technology has never made it to the consumer level in a VR/XR/AR headset, and in general, the technology is incredibly rare in general. We have our doubts because of this, so we're not fully expecting Samsung to pull through with this implementation. 

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