Meta Smart Glasses vs. Ray-Ban Stories: Are these specs worth the upgrade?

Meta Smart Glasses vs. Ray-Ban Stories
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Meta Connect 2023 has given us two devices: the Meta Quest 3 once again, and the latest smart glasses, named the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses (catchy, I know).

These specs are the sequel to Ray-Ban Stories, and we have two burning questions: How much has changed, and is the new price worth the new goodies?

We can't declare an official winner of this face-off until we get our hands on these new spectacles, but let's see which looks more promising from a glance.

Meta Smart Glasses vs. Ray-Ban Stories: Price

Meta is playing it smart with these latest Smart Glasses. The original Ray-Ban Stories launched with a starting price of $299 (standard lens), with a step up to $329 (Polarized lenses), and maxed out at $379 (Transitions lenses). And the Meta Smart Glasses is absolutely no different. Nice, Meta.

Ray-Ban Stories

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However, it's important to know that you can now get the Ray-Ban Stories for steep discounts. Right now the Polarized lenses run for $230, and the Transitions lenses cost $265.

You're saving like $100 if you're going with the predecessor, despite the Meta Smart Glasses being well-priced.

Winner: Ray-Ban Stories

Meta Smart Glasses vs. Ray-Ban Stories: Specs

The Ray-Ban Stories offered two 5MP cameras (2592 x 1944 image resolution, 1184 x 1184 video resolution (30 fps)), 4GB of storage, two open-air speakers, and a three-microphone array.

Meta Smart Glasses vs. Ray-Ban Stories

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Honestly, I was waiting for some disappointing reveal, but the Meta Smart Glasses seems like a solid improvement. It upgrades to two 12MP cameras (3024 X 4032 image resolution, 1440 x 1920 video resolution (30 fps)), 32GB of storage, and a five-microphone array. Meta also claims that the new specs feature 50% louder speakers.

Those are some big improvements over the previous gen model, which is especially nice to see accompanied by the same price.

Winner: Meta Smart Glasses

Meta Smart Glasses vs. Ray-Ban Stories: Battery life

How long will these smart specs actually last on your face before it inevitably dies and become a very expensive pair of normal glasses?

Ray-Ban Stories

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The original Ray-Ban Stories were rated for 3 hours of battery life with continuous use, but it came with a charging case that offered three additional charges. Meanwhile, the Meta Smart Glasses are rated for 4 hours of battery life with mixed use, and it comes with a charging case that offers another eight additional charges.

It's not the biggest bump in battery, but that charging case is a wild improvement in terms of battery. You won't have to plug into a wall for quite a while before your case and glasses die.

Winner: Meta Smart Glasses


Ray-Ban Stories is on sale right now, so it's not an easy choice to go for the Meta Smart Glasses despite it starting at the same exact price. However, if you're really invested in the idea of smart glasses, I have to recommend you wait for the new shades.

Just from a glance, the specs and battery life situation are that much better. It might be worth the extra $100 to get the slick new pair on the block. However, we won't be able to give you a definitive answer until we get our review in for the Meta Smart Glasses.

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