Is this the Meta Quest 3 Lite? Leaked images reveal headset design and name

Leaked presentation slides shared by @Lunayian on X (formerly Twitter)
A leaked presentation slide shared by @Lunayian on X (formerly Twitter) (Image credit: @Lunayian on X/Twitter)

Images leaked from an internal Meta presentation have revealed the design and name of the rumored Meta Quest 3 Lite. While it's difficult to confirm the authenticity of the leaked presentation slides, the details on them do seem on par with what we're expecting from Meta's budget-friendly follow-up to the Quest 3. 

Here's a peek at the headset and its rumored specs. 

Is this the Meta Quest 3 Lite? 

Leaked images of the Meta Quest 3s shared by @Lunayian on X (formerly Twitter)

Leaked images of the Meta Quest 3s shared on X/Twitter by user @Lunayian (Image credit: @Lunayian on X/Twitter)

Big news for VR fans: Meta is developing a budget-friendly version of the Quest 3 and we now know what it might look like, thanks to images leaked on Reddit. The images are screenshots of a Zoom presentation originally shared by Reddit user u/LuffySanKira, although the original thread has since been deleted. Luckily, one user on X (formerly Twitter), @Lunayian, reposted the screenshots and theorized that they are likely from a user research meeting. 

The images show a new headset called the "Quest 3s" which appears to be the new name for the rumored Meta Quest 3 Lite. The headset's design is a bit less sleek than the standard Quest 3 and features a different front-facing camera layout. Interestingly, this design differs significantly from another rumored design shared recently on X/Twitter. So, we'll have to wait and see which one ends up being closer to the final product. 

The blockier shape seen in the leaked presentation slides resembles the Quest 2, which makes sense considering its rumored $299 price tag. The new Quest 3s will be taking the Quest 2's spot in the budget-friendly price bracket, combining some slightly older tech with a new chip. The leaked presentation slides also included some tech specs for the Quest 3s, revealing the trade offs Meta may be making to keep the price low. 

Meta Quest 3s vs Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 with controllers on a yellow table

The Quest 3 is getting a budget-friendly alternative (Image credit: Laptop Mag)

The leaked presentation slides reposted to X (formerly Twitter) don't give us much info, but they do include a few key tech specs. Of course, Meta has not confirmed the authenticity of the leaked images, so these details could change by the time we get an official Quest 3s announcement. They do gives us some hints about how the Quest 3s could compare to the Quest 3 and Quest 2, though. 

If the leaked images are accurate, the Quest 3s will have a display resolution of 1832 x 1920. That's exactly the same as the Quest 2's resolution but noticeably lower than the resolution on the Quest 2, which comes in at 2064 x 2208. 

The front-facing cameras on the Quest 3s images are noticeably larger than those on the Quest 2 but clearly different from the Quest 3. So, we could see the Quest 3s get some camera improvements for better mixed reality and passthrough, but it might not be quite as good as the Quest 3's MR performance. 

That said, it is likely the Quest 3s will have the same chipset as the standard Quest 3. If it does, it will be similarly powerful, but paired with slightly older display and sensor tech. Meta may even be reusing the display from the Quest 2. So, if you're currently using a Quest 2 and hoping to upgrade, the Quest 3s may give you a bump in performance but you'll still be working with the same display resolution. 

That could be a fair trade off for many users, though, especially if it means saving $200 on a new headset. If these leaks are similar to the final version of the Quest 3s, it will be a great budget VR/MR option. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer for an official Quest 3s announcement. We'll be keeping an eye out for more leaks, rumors, and news from Meta, so stay tuned for more. 

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