AIShark controller reinvents cheat accessories for the AI era

AIShark controller
(Image credit: AIShark)

The makers of 90s game hack machine GameShark have returned with a new set of AI products including a new AI game controller. AIShark (via BGR) also offers an inline compute unit, headset, keyboard, and mouse under their new branding, but the controller is the most interesting bit of tech they're launching this year.

The AIShark game controller will adapt to your play style, learn your habits and preferences, and even suggest button remaps and sensitivity adjustments. 

Only '90s kids will remember

The GameShark was a cheat code device designed to work with the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and GameBoy consoles. The devices came with 4,000 preloaded cheat codes for popular games and were a popular gaming peripheral throughout the 90s. Once cheat codes fell out of favor among gamers, the GameShark disappeared and owners InterAct Accessories sold the brand to MadCatz.

At CES this year, former InterAct Accessories CEO Todd Hays returned with a new company and new gaming peripherals. AIShark leans into the original GameShark branding in name, logo, and advertising.

The AI Game Controller by AIShark includes sensors that detect grip, pressure, and button timing. This data allows the controller to make "real-time adjustments to button sensitivity and response." Essentially, the controller will predict your next button inputs.

A new era of cheating

The AIShark game controller is far from the only product at CES that promised AI improvements to your game experience. Many of the other AI peripherals included similar promises about improving your gaming experience by letting the AI control various settings, but how much of an impact those systems will have remains to be seen.

Even so, we're essentially in a new era of cheat peripherals. Given the popularity of  competitive PvP and esports it will be interesting to see how the industry adapts. After all, cheating had less of an impact during the heyday of the GameShark.

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