The 7 Best Slack Integrations to supercharge your Workspace

The 7 Best Slack Integrations to supercharge your Workspace
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Slack is one of the best business communication platforms. It lets companies and their employees communicate easily while organizing their activities securely. But did you know there are hundreds of Slack integrations you can use to make it even better?

Before we dig into these integrations, let’s learn more about the app. Slack allows users to create “workspaces.” These act as groups that allow like-minded people to collaborate on projects or simply communicate with each other. Organizations can also be created to act as the main group for all employees.

The messaging feature of Slack beats other messaging apps in functionality, as it provides an encrypted environment that reduces the risk of leaks. It also limits distractions that are common on other social media messaging applications like Facebook

Slack is available on multiple platforms, including desktop, browser and mobile. It can be installed on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Apple users can even access the app on their Apple Watches to help them keep tabs on their organizations on the go.

Must-try Slack integrations for your workspace

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Giphy is a GIF database that offers thousands of short, animated images to add personality to your communications. By integrating Giphy into your Slack account, you can surprise your co-workers with the latest memes that are perfect for every scenario. Just avoid using it when talking to Mr. President. 


Since the start of the pandemic, Zoom consistently remained the leader among video conferencing tools. It provides features that allow users to create and join online meetings securely. It also lets you create breakout rooms for small group discussions and collaborations.

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Integrating Zoom will allow you to create and join meetings directly from your Slack application. Note, however, that this Slack integration is only available if you have a Zoom Pro, Business, Education or API plan for your Zoom account.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTT takes Slack integrations to a whole new level. This program allows you to integrate more than 700 applications to work together. The best thing is that it also automates the actions each of these apps will take, depending on the parameters you set.

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By integrating IFTTT into Slack, you can integrate other applications that Slack has not created pathways for yet. The possibilities are virtually endless, but for example you can automatically create daily reminders, post tweets that match your keywords to Slack, and more.

Trivia - Games | Virtual Coffee

Slack is notoriously business-centered, and as a result, some people find it difficult to have fun while using the platform. However, you can easily change this by integrating lighthearted activities, such as Trivia - Games | Virtual Coffee.

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Trivia lets you play ten different games with your co-workers. These include quizzes, polls, Pictionary, word puzzles, charades, and more. It also offers smaller breakout rooms and Water Cooler, a small meeting meant to stimulate the short conversations we used to have in our office pantries.

Google Drive

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Google Drive is one of the most popular online file storage tools. By integrating Google Drive into Slack, you can receive notifications on activities relevant to your Google Drive space. It also lets you directly access other Google apps, such as Docs, Sheets and Slides, through Slack.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook is one of the most popular email tools for businesses. Its calendar feature also makes it perfect for organizing meetings and scheduling events. Currently, Outlook Calendar reminds you of upcoming events by displaying notification pop-ups. However, would it not be better if these notifications were directly sent to your Slack account?

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If your Outlook Calendar is integrated with Slack then a bot will remind you of upcoming events at the start of your day. You can also schedule new events and join Zoom meetings through the same integration. It will also allow you to respond to event invitations by accepting or rejecting them.