Systems of the Stars: NBA star Seth Curry named a sports game as GOAT — and it’s not a basketball title

Seth Curry
Seth Curry (Image credit: Getty)

Systems of the Stars is Laptop Mag’s new monthly series that delves into the systems that superstars own, whether it’s a snazzy laptop, a funky drawing tablet, or a next-gen gaming console.  

Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry basks in the glory of roaring NBA fans cheering his show-stopping shooting skills, but let’s rewind to the ‘90s for a moment — a funky time that reeks of unsightly fanny packs, Tamagotchi digital pets and screechy AOL dial-up. 

While getting lifts to Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) tournaments, surely passing a Blockbuster or RadioShack along the way, Curry told us he had an obsession with his Game Boy Color. What ‘90s kid didn’t? His favorite Game Boy Color game was, by far, the Pokémon series. Before he was training to become an NBA star, eight-year-old Curry got his Ash Ketchum on, training Cyndaquils, Totodiles and Chikoritas.

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color (Image credit: Nintendo)

Every decade has a “Shut up and let me drive in peace” toy that parents throw at their kids in the backseat, and the Game Boy Color was one of ‘em.

Curry’s nostalgic and relatable recollection of his childhood gaming experiences highlights the true mission of Systems of the Stars. Fame may make celebrities seem inaccessible, but Systems of the Stars pulls back the curtains on how high-profile public figures engage with tech, giving us insight into their grounded, down-to-earth moments sans all the glamour, flashing lights and fairy dust.

Check out our interview with Curry as the elite NBA shooter dishes about his favorite games, his opinion on the next-gen Xbox console, the equipment he uses to get the upper hand on Call of Duty: Warzone rivals, and more. 

Is Curry a PlayStation, PC, Xbox or Nintendo fanboy?

Curry told us he’s #TeamXbox, but he gravitates toward PC gaming. 

Asus ROG Zephyrus G15

Asus ROG Zephyrus G15  (Image credit: Rami Tabari)

Of course, we’re Laptop Mag, so we had to ask Curry which laptop he prefers for his triple-A titles, and it happens to be one of our favorite gaming rigs of all time: the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15. “It has an Nvidia RTX 3050 graphics card and a 15-inch screen, which is perfect for gaming in my hotel room while on the road,” Curry said. 

Still, Curry has a soft spot for Nintendo. “I will always have love for Nintendo, though, because I grew up playing all of the Mario games,” he said. 


Mario (Image credit: Nintendo)

The NBA superstar does have an Xbox Series X; his wife Callie Curry (daughter of Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers) managed to secure the world’s most powerful gaming console for Curry. While he appreciates the gift and its sexy specs, Curry’s not going goo-goo, ga-ga over it either.

“I have only used it once or twice because I am more into PC and laptop gaming; I honestly don’t see too much of a difference,” Curry said, noting that the leap between generations isn’t too salient, “but as more games come out for next-gen consoles, the better it will get.”

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X (Image credit: Future)

Curry isn’t the only one waiting for more Series X games to test the console’s next-gen capabilities. Our Senior Writer Rami Tabari wrote a viral piece titled, “Why I regret buying the Xbox Series X day one.” Like Curry, Tabari doesn’t doubt the Series X’s mind-blowing performance, but he wishes he could enjoy the next-gen experience with a cornucopia of fresh, envelope-pushing games. 

Tabari got to play The Medium on the Series X, but it’s not enough. He, like other Xbox fans, is on the lookout for Halo Infinite and other upcoming games to really sink his teeth into the console’s power.  

Curry grew up with a family of athletes. What was gaming like in such a competitive environment? 

Curry’s father is Dell Curry, a former NBA sharpshooter who played alongside Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bogues with the Charlotte Hornets. Curry’s mother is a former Virginia Tech volleyball player — a skill that she transferred to Sydel Curry, Seth’s sister. Seth’s brother, Steph, is known for being a beast as a Golden State Warriors point guard.

With so much athletic talent within the family, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to game in the Curry household. As it turns out, the Curry brothers always had great sportsmanship — even as kids.

Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis (Image credit: Nintendo)

“Steph and I always played all the Mario games on our Nintendo growing up,” Curry said. “My favorites were Mario Kart and Mario Tennis. My favorite character was Toad and Stephen exclusively used Luigi. I’d like to say I probably won more, but if I’m honest, it was pretty even, which made each game fun.”

Curry also told us that he and Steph would watch NBA games on TV and play NBA Live (the video game) with the same two teams they were watching. Pretty sweet!

Which game does Curry label as G.O.A.T.?

Speaking of NBA Live, let’s talk about sports games. We asked Curry to name the game that he believes is the G.O.A.T., and Madden got his vote. “I feel like I kind of grew up with it. As gaming improved, you can tell the differences year-to-year, like the graphics, controls, how you’re able to play, et cetera. It’s cool to look at it from the beginning to what it is now, and note the improvements.”

Madden NFL 21

Madden (Image credit: EA)

Among non-sports games, as you might have guessed, Mario sits atop Curry’s G.O.A.T. throne. Curry is enamored by the versatility and variety in the games that fall under the Mario umbrella. “A lot of the [Mario] games are certified classics,” Curry said.

How did Curry feel when he first saw his video-game doppleganger in the NBA 2K series? 

While Curry gets a rush out of stepping into the shoes of his favorite football talents in Madden, Curry’s fans get the same privilege with the NBA 2K series. I couldn’t wait to ask the NBA elite shooter about how it felt to see himself in animated action.

Seth Curry

Seth Curry (Image credit: Getty)

“It was really dope to see myself in the game for the first time. I have been playing the game for so long and have always made a 'create a player' of myself and added myself to the game, so to not have to do that was cool,” Curry said. “The first year I was in the game, I didn’t feel like my avatar looked like me, but after I did the body scanning, it looked exactly like me that next season.”

Which games are Curry playing at the moment?

Curry loves to golf during the off season, so at the moment, he’s into PGA Tour 2K. “I love to explore the [in-game] courses and try to get some golf reps since I can’t actually be on the links,” he joked. 

Seth Curry

Seth Curry (Image credit: Seth Curry)

Another game Curry can’t get enough of is Call of Duty: Warzone. “It creates a world that is super competitive and so many of my friends and teammates play, so it’s fun to hop online together and compete with each other or against each other.” 

How does Curry get an edge over his competitors in Warzone and other first-person shooters? 

You don’t want to play against Curry in Warzone, though — word on the street is that he’s already pretty damn good at first-person shooters, and now he’s found several ways to outperform his competitors. Watch out!

“A couple months ago, I [got a] Scuf controller for Warzone, and it definitely improved my game. I think I saw the largest jump in improvement when I went from playing on a TV to a monitor. The smaller screen almost instantly improved my accuracy and vision.”

Seth Curry

A glimpse of Seth Curry's setup. (Image credit: Seth Curry)

Speaking of new equipment, Curry is a streamer, too. He spent a pretty penny setting up a top-of-the-line system with a premium microphone, camera and zippy Internet to best connect with his fans as SDotCurry on Twitch

As per Systems of the Stars tradition, we asked Curry what his dream gaming laptop would look like.

Curry is big on portability. After all, there’s a lot of travelling involved with his career. As such, Curry’s dream laptop would be compact and easy to carry around with him wherever he goes.

Seth Curry

Seth Curry (Image credit: Kimberly Gedeon/Future)

“My dream console would be a full gaming PC setup that is portable, folds into my backpack and unfolds in my hotel room with one button for road trips. The setup would include an extra screen that can play unlimited basketball and football games, and golf tournaments. It would also come with a great gaming chair with good back support.” 

Stay tuned for our next Systems of the Stars feature to take a peek into the lives of high-profile men and women through the lens of technology. Check out our past interviews with PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales/"The Maze Runner" composer John Paesano and WWE superstar Johnny Gargano.

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