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Windows 10 search is about to get way better

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Life is about to get easier for Windows 10 users thanks to a small tweak Microsoft is making to search.

The latest Windows 10 Insider Build 19018 (20H1) released today includes a new feature that gives you quick links to the most frequently searched topics. 

The feature adds four quick search topics: Weather, Top news, Today in history and New movies, just above the search box so you don't have to type out those popular terms. 

Microsoft determined these to be the most common search topics and wants to give Windows 10 users a quicker way of getting information about them. 

Each of the buttons gives you the most relevant information about that topic. For example, pressing on "Weather" brings up current conditions and upcoming forecasts while "Top news" lets you read the latest headlines. The "Today in history" icon presents you with four past events that happened on this day and "New movie" lists showtimes for theaters near you.

If you are a Windows Insider on version 20H1, all you have to do is click into the search box to see the new quick search options. 

This feature is still in preview so there is no guarantee that Microsoft will release it to the general public. Although, if the quick search feature if praised by Insiders then we don't see why it wouldn't be.

We'll update this article and provide further coverage if and when Microsoft chooses to push the search topics out to a wider audience.