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Apple paid podcast service revealed at Spring Loaded virtual event — watch out Spotify!

Apple Podcasts
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple announced a new premium podcast subscription service at the Spring Loaded virtual event, confirming a rumor by Vox Media's Peter Kafka. He tweeted he was "pretty sure" the Cupertino-based tech giant is preparing to announce a paid-podcast plan. Eagle-eyed users of iOS 14.5 beta also spotted clues that a paid podcast service announcement was imminent, and they were spot on.

Podcast fans will appreciate Apple's new paid podcast service. The premium option gives Apple the opportunity to offer lucrative deals to popular podcasters who will, in return, dish out exclusive content and high quality episodes for their fans.

Apple's paid podcast service is here

Apple's paid podcast service announcement comes on the heels of Facebook's revelation that it plans to bring podcast episodes directly to content creators' official pages on the social-media platform. The social media giant plans to let users peruse through the Facebook app while simultaneously listening to the latest podcast episodes of their favorite yappers.

Apple's new podcast service requires more investment from users since it is a paid subscription. Members can unlock new content, enjoy ad-free listening, early access to episodes and much more. This will help your favorite podcasters build their business and fuel their creativity.

As a cherry on top, Apple Podcasts is getting a huge redesign. "Every show and episode has a beautiful new page, making it easy to follow, listen and share," Apple CEO Tim Cook said. The Cupertino-based tech giant is also introducing new channels to help users find new shows from their favorite creators. Users will get recommendations for new channels to explore.

Apple's premium podcast subscription service launches in over 170 regions and countries next month.