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Samsung's new Smart Keyboard is a master at multitasking — what we know

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event is right around the corner, but the tech giant decided to announce one of its new products early. Hopefully, it will pair nicely with "the most powerful Galaxy" to be announced.

Samsung has revealed its new Smart Keyboard Trio 500, a slim wireless keyboard that can not only turn Galaxy smartphones and tablets into a desktop-like experience via DeX mode, but also can connect to up to three different devices at once. That'll give Apple's Magic Keyboard a run for its money. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500: what we know

Samsung has yet to announce the price of the Smart Keyboard Trio 500, but it will be available starting from early May. The keyboard will come in a black or white model.

The Trio 500 is a tenkeyless keyboard designed for travel, connecting to devices via Bluetooth. Impressively, it can connect up to three devices at once, and it can switch between devices using the designated keys (F7-F9). Typing something on your Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and need to respond to a message on your Galaxy S21 Ultra? The Trio 500 can do it on the fly.

The keyboard also has hotkeys (F1-F3) to customize. Users can choose three apps of their choice on each device to open instantly when you pressing the designated keys.

The Trio 500 also has a key for Samsung's signature DeX mode (F12), which brings a desktop-like experience to a Galaxy smartphone or tablet. This is a handy feature for travelers, and with Samsung's new smart keyboard, it essentially means you can turn a Samsung tablet into a laptop with a detachable keyboard.

We're sure to hear more about the Trio 500 at the Galaxy Unpacked event this week.