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Microsoft Teams adds new features to improve video chat meetings

Microsoft Teams update improves video chat
(Image credit: Microsoft )

Microsoft will soon be adding a few new features to Teams and Teams Rooms to improve connecting with co-workers and clients. The goal is for a seamless experience regardless of where they're working from home or the office. 

In the upcoming months, Microsoft Teams will be rolling out a new layout in Teams Rooms, called "Front Row," that will place remote participants at the bottom of your screen, so they appear to be facing those in the room. Microsoft laid out its planned improvements in a blog post titled " The future of hybrid work," which explained how the front row layout would also include meeting information such as agenda, tasks, notes, and chat. 

Microsoft aims to maximize display real estate splitting the video feeds across available displays when a screen isn't being shared, so more remote users are visible during video chat. 

Microsoft Teams Update

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Team Rooms will come with some of the most popular features you find in your personal Teams account, with the ability to choose or spotlight multiple video feeds and live reactions allowing participants to interact in real-time.

In Microsoft's "future of hybrid work," the tech giant also discussed the default recording of meetings, using smart cameras to simulate in-person contact and interactions. These added features should make the hybrid work environment many are facing is easier to transition to.