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Microsoft Edge gets a productivity boost with customizable keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Edge
(Image credit: Microsoft )

Microsoft's newest developer build comes with several fixes and new features to elevate the user experience and productivity. One feature that improves productivity is the new keyboard shortcuts Microsoft has added so that users can enjoy a more customized browsing experience. 

Microsoft Edge Dev Version 90 was released earlier this month, and now another update has been released bring with it several new features and cures for previous issues. 

The latest update allows users to customize keyboard shortcuts within the browsers DevTools menu and possess a redesigned PDF tools and fixes. The Edge browser, like Google Chrome, is based on Chromium and offers a very similar user experience. If you wish to access the new DevTools in Edge, press the F12 key, and it will appear. 

Microsoft program manager, Rachel Simone Weil, added some insight into how javascript developers can use the Console tool built into the DevTool. She stated, " In the Microsoft Edge DevTools, the Console tool has two main functions. The first is outputting messages and errors logged from a website’s Javascript. For example, if your website code has a line of Javascript that reads console.log(`My code is running!`);, you would expect to get the following output in the Console tab of DevTools. Console output: "My code is running!" Console’s second function is serving as a Javascript REPL, meaning you can write and run lines of Javascript directly in the tab."

With Microsoft rolling out this newest Dev build, it pretty much assures that these tools, fixes, and upgrades will show up soon in a stable release of Edge when all the kinks are worked out.