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Microsoft Edge will now let you switch profiles in web apps — Here's how

Microsoft Edge
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft announced that it will update Microsoft Edge with a new feature so users can easily switch between multiple profiles from within a web app.

Currently in its experimental phase and soon to be updated, the profile switcher will be used for sites or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which are installed as apps on users' desktops. This means we won't have to stick to just one profile and install another app to use another account.

“If you install the same site or PWA on more than one Edge profile, we’ve introduced a profile switcher on the application title bar to switch between profiles from within your app,” Josh Bodner, a Microsoft community manager, wrote.

The profile switch feature will be set on the application title bar, and users will see one application tile in Windows for that application.

How to switch profiles using Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

(Image credit: Microsoft )

It's all very simple. Open any of the web apps installed using Microsoft Edge and you'll find the profile icon on the top-right corner in the title bar. Click on it.

From there, you'll find a drop-down menu of all your Edge profiles. Simply select the one you want to switch to. Once that's done, confirm to open a second application window, which will be using the account you switched to. Presto.

Microsoft also noted that once you open the web application again, it will use the last profile seen by the application. 

The new feature for Microsoft Edge is still in the works, so there's been no word of when the feature will be released. We can expect it to be done in an upcoming update.

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