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Microsoft creates new display that automatically adjusts to your angle

Microsoft Surface Pro X (SQ2, 2020) review
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Microsoft has filed a patent that covers a new invention that automatically corrects the perspective of information displayed on a device (such as a laptop or tablet), based on the orientation of the device.

Put simply, Microsoft is sure to be releasing a notebook that automatically adjusts its display to match the position of the user — all so whatever is on the screen can be seen comfortably and at the ideal angle. Nifty. 

According to the patent, reported by Patently Apple, the new mechanism will be able to measure the distance to a user's eye or calculate the distance based on measured data. It will calculate correction factors, account for the screen limits, all to then adjust the display orientation.

The patent was published on January 7, 2021, and included illustrations on how Microsoft's mechanic would work. 


(Image credit: Microsoft)

Based on the distance and angle of the user, the display will make the optimum orientation. That will come in handy when we're in cramped spaces, or simply too lazy to adjust our laptops when we're tucked up in bed.

Microsoft's line of Surface laptops and tablets always impress with their displays, and we may just see this handy new mechanic introduced with its new line-up of Surface models.