Zer01's Coverage Map is Identical to AT&T's, AT&T: We Don't Have an Agreement with Zer01

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zer02Yesterday we had a chance to interview Zer01's CEO, Ben Piilani, to discuss rumors that Zer01 was part of a larger scam run by Mobile Verge and Buzzirk. We aren't drawing any conclusions from that interview, but are trying to seek out the legitimacy of this wireless carrier. In our interview, Piilani told us he could not confirm a carrier with us. Today we reached out to both AT&T and T-Mobile, two carriers that have nationwide GSM networks that Zer01 could potentially piggy back off of, to find out whether they had any relationship with Zer01. A  T-Mobile spokesperson today said that they do not comment on existing relationships so we couldn't get a firm denial from them. However, below you will see that the T-Mobile coverage map is nothing like the Zer01 coverage map. An AT&T spokesperson flat out denied a relationship, saying "We do not have an agreement with Zer01." That's odd, considering that Zer01's data/voice map (taken today from their site) looks like an identical copy of AT&T's nationwide data coverage, with a few color changes. Take a look: AT&T's data network: attdata2 Zer01 Coverage Map zer01datavoice2 T-Mobile Coverage Map. And if Zer01 even was using T-Mobile's nationwide network, which has a smaller data plan, here's what it would look like:


This situation is getting fishier and fishier. How can Zer01 piggy back off a nationwide GSM carrier, when one of the two nationwide GSM carriers says there is no relationship and the other, while not denying it, has a completely different coverage map? We've asked their CEO for comment. Editor's Note - 8/4/09: LAPTOP has rescinded the Best of CTIA Award given to Zer01.
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  • andy hamilton Says:

    Darn, I see the Global verge no longer advertizes that Vodka from air machine on their web page that I was looking foward to selling like hot-cakes.

    I was shown a video of that machine, showing the scientists that invented and patented it actually drinking the Vodka, and boy, did they get drunk fast. The stuff musta been 300% proof.

    Could any kind triple diamonder please confirm with Corp if the absence of this machine on the GV website means just a slip-up?

    Oh boy, I have about 465 hotels, bars and ex-AA members signed up for this product, and I have taken about $1 000 000 in deposits from them.

    If GV no longer sells this item do I legally have to give this deposit money back? Cos I did a LOT of work to convince my customers and travel expences just mounted up.

    Well, I just added up my expences and they come to $999 000, so I guess it's not worth distributing a couple of bucks to all those dudes, I mean that would cost me big once again.

  • Biker Buc Says:

    Global Verge CEO History:

    - Mark Petchel - Fired - Crook

    - Steve Lewis - Fired - Whistle Blower

    - TBD - Savior of Global Verge - Holds new "Secret Patent" that uses Cell Phone 6G and Water Purification techologies that turn Water into Gold.

    Quote: "Our engineers are now downloading 4 Troy Ounces per minute."

    Sorry about Zer01. The "Man" took us out. But, "GoldWater02" is Guaranteed. Good as Gold!!

    Keep the Faith and Keep Recruiting!!!

  • David Says:

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  • Matt Warner Says:

    Listen to that Triple Diamond call that is online!!!

    These are the people who were brought in to fix it.
    >They claim 15 people were fired, there are no corporate books, At one point they said they were operating out of a shoe box.
    >They had no financials that is why they could not get a good credit card processor
    >Warren Hanchey [who was scheduled to be the CEO] tried to meet with the engineer to verify the technology. He was origianally approved to look at it and then it was pulled by BEN Piilani.
    Steve Lewis current CEO could not verify the technology!
    >They said that there was no way to get definitive information about ANY relevant area at Buzzirk and Global Verge - THESE ARE THE PEOPLE BROUGHT IN TO MANAGE AND FIX GLOBAL VERGE!
    > The technology was only for the United States [NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD INCLUDING CANADA] and that there was no contract with global verge and Buzzirk
    >They said it is HIGHLY unlikely that they can pay commissions next week as promised and IF THEY DO pay commissions it will not be right as the genealogy is messed up.
    >They cancelled their distributorship with Global Verge who now has 5 employees!

    Now even the die hards on this blog who LOVE a challenge have to be realistic about this….

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, an expert tells you it is a duck… it is a duck!

    The INSIDE EXPERTS have told you THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY PROFESS IT TO BE! They could not verify the technology, they could not substaniate the finances they could not recommed that you continue with the company.

    Is there anything more to say?

  • Matt Warner Says:


    I am sure commissions were paid out, the fact you got paid a commission does not in ANY way prove that this is or is not a scam. The company got a whole heck of a lot more than you and has not produced the service they promised OR offered ANY evidence that they have a patent, why they are using ATT coverage map and ATT denies they have a relationship, produced a working phone to a media critic.

    What will determine if this is a scam is not if you receive a commission but do they have what they promised. They suggested that they have a phenomenal service and that this was not another reseller of an existing carrier.

    If you want to place blame on why ALL the negative comments abound look to Zer01 not the commenters. We are only making observations because the promises that were made by Zer01 have not happened, and they either refuse to or are unable to offer any evidence "other than take our word for it" that is is legitimate.

    I agree the ball is in Laptop Magazines court to either force the proof or retract the award until they do.

  • GLS Says:

    Yes, we were paid commissions for May on June 16, 2009.

  • William Rios Says:

    Paid commisions???
    On what part were any of your team paid commisions on??
    Must be that part where everyone is making all those 'pharos'
    calls on.... Downloading movies, surfing all over the net??
    Yeah right, they are not even up and running till "maybe" Aug. 10th...
    But of course, there is always a good explanation.... Always!

    Ahhhh, bahhhhHumbug :o)

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Why has this phony award not been addressed ??

  • You're Too Blame Also Says:

    Laptop Mag you need to step up to the plate here, you awarded this outfit best in show on what basis was this done did you try the phone? did you make a call? did you download a movie? people around the world are making a financial decision based on your recommendation sort it out NOW.

  • GLS Says:

    A scam? Boys (and Girls?), we're a Triple Diamond Global Verge team with 10% of the company under us- been workin' it Hard, folks- ordered my phone a week and a half ago ($600+ for phone, activation, international service) and am patiently waiting. My team actually has been paid, those who were members in May- we got our commissions on June 16, at about 3:30 am CST. I've been trying to pay my bill for both June & July + pay for my phone... to no avail. They will Not take my money. I've been jumping up and down, waving my arms, shouting "take my money! take my money! take my money!" and no one seems to have any interest in it.

    Think about it- I've got about $1,000 that I'm begging them to take: If this were a scam, dontcha think they woulda?

  • You're Too Blame Also Says:

    Laptop Mag you need to address this NOW your endorsement is aiding a potential fraud and you sit back and watch from the sidelines. April 1st you wrote about this and awarded this sham outfit an award based on on them telling you a story. Get it sorted NOW, retract the award or clarify it's existence.

  • William Rios Says:

    "I’d be ashamed if I reeled people into this scam."

    what shame??, if it's a scam, the reeling some are doing... Then 'shame' is the furthest thing from their mind :o) (come on now, you saw that coming)

    just wait till new date phone release of Aug. 10th.. There will be hundreds, NO.. Wait!.. Thousands of phones activated with this Zilch, Zero, Nada.. Phone Hype System..
    The most they will activate will be no more than a dozen... Of course with a "Yet another great Excuse" as to why they can't activate the whole system because this is still pending, or this other excuse is causing yet, this other delay...yadda, yadda, yadda.
    And, like l said the world of corruption, at the judicial level, just sits back, at the publics expense, and takes notes to build an eventual case.... Five years down the road?....maybe this is another of the Gov't Stimulus Packages... To move the peoples money around?

  • C.J. Says:

    Global Verge is a Missouri based company formed with one goal, "Help make the world a better place."
    Once a scammer, always a scammer?

    I Just got a charge on my credit card from DUMBY E-COMMERCE and an International processing fee for like $2.50 from BARBADOS The credit card company confirmed this was from Global Verge. Why if Global Verge is a legit company are they taking money in Barbados? Do I smell a MONEY LAUNDERING SCAM?

    I went into my backend office and terminated my account before they could charge me again.

    They have not responded to my e-mails and questions, my upline never contacted me, looks like they're reeling in a bunch of naive people who want to get rich quick. From the very beginning the fact that Petschel was convicted security fraud was a red flag.

    Where's the product?

    Anyone can throw up websites and pictures of a FAKE product $75 a month just to have a website is a rip off! It only costs around $50 a year for unlimited web hosting and less than $10 for a domain. It's also stupid that you can't have your own website or promote w/o their approval and they never respond if you try and ask for their approval.

    I'd be ashamed if I reeled people into this scam.

  • Rich Says:

    In the meantime laptop mag should retract the "award" until its proven it exists.

  • William Rios Says:

    Let me see if I can make heads or tails of this. Tails this is 'their' next scam until the umpteenth one is launched.... Heads, it is just a bunch of problems, like the ones Mr.Tucker faced in the movie "A Man Called Tucker" ... Tucker, (played by Jeff Bridges ) wanted to build the cars, made everyone think the cars existed, then worked feverishly, to get 'fifty' cars made by the due Date.. As promised.
    So many more questions than answers that make sense.?! About Zer01 Mobile?
    But of course, there are no court proceedings to hold anyone accountable... It's like living in fairytale land.
    You could do everything imaginable, just have to prove that you 'wanted to build the thing' that is enough to satisfy the courts..... The rest is taken good care of by the Liars (I mean, the Lieyaws, someone help me, I mean the Lawyers....). :o)

  • Matt Warner Says:

    Mitch - so you are the marketing person for them? You must be since you are saying with absolute certainty something that ONLY the management team could know.

    Now while I understand the "controvery campaign" strategy [was a marketing major], it is a poorly ill concieved idea for this market. That type of strategy works when you can't get favorable publicity of sufficient magnitude by rolling out the product. You create the controversy to hype up the market. Certain "stars" have stayed in the limelight much longer than their 15 mins of fame by using this technique.

    If they wanted publicity and they really have a phone and service as spectacular as they claim, they could own the networks. The difference is that the publicity would not be negative. The product that they claim is so revolutionary that they would getting free publicity would not have been a problem.

    Again if they opted to allow the scam tag be placed on them thinking that this would be a great way to introduct the new product they need to get a new marketing manager.

  • "Mitch" Says:

    Matt, Sarah is right. This campaign so far has been a masterfully executed "controversy campaign", which in marketing is defined as "a series of unconventional marketing techniques used to generate publicity and awareness while using vague details of exceptional products and/or services as a means of defense against competitors."

    The theory is that, "since controversy and negative publicity spread faster than positive publicity in most cases, a net benefit(s) can be achieved once a new revolutionary product is introduced. A company may receive higher awareness on the merits of its product/service alone with potential consumers if involved in controversy or negative publicity. While some potential consumers may be turned away initially, the company still has a higher chance of reclaiming those consumers later due to the bandwagon effect.... A company can solidify first mover advantage by creating an atmosphere of skepticism in an effort to confuse and paralyze competitors and prevent counteraction."

    This is part of a dissertation done by a newly minted Ph.D. in marketing somewhere in America whom I won't name. So, be careful. What you see may NOT be what you get. But of course, stuff like that is for people who subscribe to Machiavellian principles and reverse psychology. Woo-hoo!

  • Matt Warner Says:

    Wow Sarah, if this is someones attempt at a marketing campaign, FIRE THEM!

    It would be a VERY simple matter to get GREAT publicity on EVERY major news network around the world. This should be a PR departments dream job. Demostrate the phone by giving it to the major cable network's consumer protection reporter.

    Instead, they refuse to produce their patent applications, refuse to address why they are using an ATT coverage map when ATT denies a relationship and refuse to state why they can't deliver the SIM cards that were promised.

    This is NOT a questions of MLM, but the issue is why Piilani will not step up and address the issues and benefit from the free GOOD publicity that he could get if the product worked as promised. If you are going to drink the koolaid and rely upon the written word, read the comments that article raised.

    Why do I care, this is being used as further evidence why ALL network marketing companies are bad and tearing down the industry.

  • sarah Says:

    I just read your comments and others on the web about Zer01 Mobile (www.zer01mobile.com) and Ben Pilliani and their business partners – buzzirk mobile and global verge. Finally while sifting through all of the misinformation I found a real news source with the up to date real information and latest news about zer01 mobile (www.zer01mobile.com) and ben piilani and the smart phone business. Just go to the Laptop Magazine news article -- http://blog.laptopmag.com/zer01-mobile-ceo-addresses-scam-and-vaporware-allegations . zer01 is offering us an incredible service and we need to be patient and take advantage to what is being given to us. Mr. Piilani seems very concerned and credible regarding the recent July 2009 launch of the zer01 mobile national smart phone service. Regardless, zer01 mobile did earn several industry awards recently for its unlimited voice, data, internet mobile wireless service. I really wonder if all of the recent hype about Zer01 Mobile is really a great marketing and promotions campaign to create attention for the new national mobile wireless web service.

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    looking and ready what facts against other mlmers are you talking about every article is against the company have you been living under a rock?

  • Rudy52 Says:

    "Piilani seems level headed and sure. Looks like a straight no nonsense business guy."

    Really? Guess that would explain the DUI charge he received last month. Very no nonsense.

    "A 29-year-old Sandoval man has been airlifted to St. Louis University Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in an early morning accident in the 700 block of North Elm in Centralia. Centralia Police say Benjamin Piilani of Orchard Drive was driving northbound in a car when he ran into a parked semi. Police report there were no signs Piilani braked before hitting the truck that was properly parked in the parking lane. Piilani was originally taken to St. Mary's/Good Samaritan Hospital in Centralia before being transferred to St. Louis. He's been ticketed for alleged driving under the influence, improper lane usage and for not wearing a seatbelt. The parked truck is owned by Transportation Incorporated. The wreck occurred around 2:15 Thursday morning"


  • looking_and_ready Says:

    Hi I am new here, but after looking at at this company it looks like a good bet. Piilani seems level headed and sure. Looks like a straight no nonsense business guy. Lots of energy back and forth as expected with a product such as this. The opposition seems to not have any facts against the company just against other mlmers. I'm excited about this phone service nothing can be worse than my Verizon Blackberry. Im going in on this one.

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Mike why don't you just scroll up to the top of the page

  • mike Says:

    Hey NGS.... Point to the articles please and lets review together.

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Mike AT&T and T Mobile have talked they have told the press they have no relationship with Zero 1 if you have a non disclosure agreement you cite "no comment"

  • mike Says:

    GM of a large Newspaper who provides the media with over 1 Million Land VOIP lines has checked this out. I could not get him the info he needed. 2 Weeks later... He said. No Problem... he has already spoken to executives that I do not even know were connected with this project and he said this is the real deal. Told me not to worry... BUT BECAUSE OF NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS IN PLACE... no one including the Big Players like ATT and T-MOBILE will talk.

    Knuckleheads... I hope you understand what non-disclosure means... it means they won't tell the press or you what you need to know and there are reasons for that.

    will I give you names.... NOPE. Sorry just wait and see.

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    R S of course by never actually saying anything you say far more but you still have presented to evidence to suggest that any of the information that is surfacing is not factual, keep up the good work.

  • Randall S. Says:

    Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    July 24th, 2009 at 10:14 am
    Randall what accurate information do you have that suggests otherwise?

    Let's just say I control a pretty large company that has mutual agreements in place with a company that keeps getting badmouthed.


  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    SJC why don't you just give me the evidence to counter the facts telly you what give me a call on your phone

  • Ike DenversI Says:

    It's pretty simple actually. ATT has taken away half of any potential Zer01 nationwide coverage. Tmobile does not even have 3G coverage in many markets. Voip technology has been proven to be unreliable on any less then 3G connections.

    No one has sims, phones or service yet. There is no definite day for anything. No one has made money from this situation yet. Global Verge and Zer01 are both taking highly defensive maneuvers and trying desperately to do damage control. There is no 5G, no 2100mhz, no AWS, no 180 mbps download, no iphone, Blackberry, Android, Java support. There is no tens of billions spent on sprectrum. There is nothing but lots of broken promises, missed deadlines, lack of communication, vague rumors, evasive answers, strong indications of current wrong doings by past wrong doers and more bad stuff. Even if Zer01 launches, they have to realize, that it will take them a long time to shake off the stench this start has created if they even manage to pull it off.

    The funny thing about this technobabble voip "magic" is that right now Piilani and Petschel, Zer01 and Buzzirk/Global Verge both BADLY need a helluva lot of real magic to pull this off...

    Abracadabra. Poof! Your money is gone.

  • Unbiased truth please Says:

    I have some SERIOUS questions. What about FDI International??? they are claiming the same thing. I thought the tecs said that running a cell call using the data network wouldnt work? They claim they run the calls through a VOIP network? Well, if they claim they can do it, I dont see anyone investigating them?? How about some fair reporting guys??? they claim 23 way video conferencing on a cell phone....c'mon!!!!!!!!! they are making some big claims too, anybody protecting us from them????


    I was in talks with one of thier top leaders who invited me on their private conference call with thier VP of the company. Yes I am in the GV deal and am trying to seperate fact from fiction. Without insults, talking down to one another, name calling can I get real...unbiased, no alternative motive answers to my questions. I have a ton of friends and some family members that can into this thing with me. I am trying to research the truth and make a decision once and for all. I dont want to jump out of the skillet into the frying pan!!!!!

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Guys

    I'm in Johannesburg South Africa. It only cost us $20 to join up. I've had a feeling that something is wrong from day one. I spoke with someone from PERVASIP ( Vox Communications Corp ) who assured me that the technology worked and they were terminating calls from Zer01.

    I think there is much wrong with Global Verge, and everywhere I look for info it's all very negative. I think if they could deliver this kind of thing it blow a hole in the Global Mobile internet business, and can you imagine that happenning.

    I think we need somebody in the business who has Global credibility to tell us exactly what this is scam or no scam. Or else perhaps we should ask the FEDS to check this out under the SERIOUS FRAUD ISSUES.

    We are extremely regulated here and you can do nothing without a licence. Nobody here has heard of any of these countries and I have spoken to all the top tech guys from our major networks and they have heard nothing about it. We have the highest cost structures in the world, and if this really was going to be launched here, we'd be ZILLIONAIRES over night, especially as we desperately need more speed and bandwidth for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.



  • SJC Says:

    Nearly Got Sucked... that is to bad dude.. only "Nearly" huh?

    As for grading on website design and or spelling, so sorry, sure hope ya grade on the curve boss.

    All the stuff on "Facts" you posted.. sorry Suck but you would not know fact from fiction if it bit ya.

    Robert Morgan, what are you now promoted from "Need a life" to GV Police?

    Suck how was me spilling on this post? Not bad for a foreigner right?!

    oh, and for "stopping" you? No way dude you are great entertainment!!

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Hey I know if we claim that a competitor is trying to say it's not real people might believe it works hahahahaha

  • SJC Says:

    Oh this is Great! Here ya go.. we have discovered "Wayne Tidderington" is actually JD Sullivan who is a cofounder of ACN... Oh dude what name will you use next.. I had thought so highly of ACN up to this point.

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    wow SJC you really need to learn how to build a website anyway lets get onto Facts shall we.

    Fact: Zero 1 does not hold the patent for the technology it is claiming

    Fact: Ben P has an extremely questionable resume, he does not sit on any boards and paid to get a medal form the republican party.

    Fact: The stripped their websites of most of the information after a couple of damning tech reports

    (ps you can stop me at any time)

    Fact: No one has a Zero 1 phone, they might have a Pharos but it is on T Mobile

    Fact: No one has a Zero 1 service

    Fact: No one has been paid any commissions

    Fact: You need to learn how to spell

    Now go away you fraud

  • Robert Morgan Says:

    Well SJC, why do you have your initials linked to a website that does not have the compliance code required by Buzzirk. Ar you operating in violation of Global Verges guidlines?

  • SJC Says:

    Wayne Tidderington you are so FULL OF IT!! You crack me up dude... I have been a guest of Steve and Teresa's on more than 9 or 10 occasions and there were even times Mark and Craig showed up... Get that showed up, like drove there not "living there". But that being said, I know for a fact that both Steve and Teresa would welcome me and my partner with open arms and not only feed us like kings but share their hospitality anytime we were in their town as we would do the same if they came to ours.

    (Sorry but another Fact is, even though they hold zero animosity toward anyone you may have made that list with your lies, mistruths and flat out slanderous remarks.) Still laughing that you waste your life posting your BS on the net.

  • Matt Warner Says:

    Stick a Fork in them... Global Verge, Buzzirk Mobile and Zer01 are done.

  • Tim P Says:

    LOL Randall S. - the first refuge of a shady salesperson whose grandiose claims are falling apart under scrutiny is to threaten legal action. If you paid fees to the pyramid, write 'em off as a business loss.

  • Wayne Tidderington Says:

    Mr. Benjamin Piilani once claimed he had executed the delivery of high speed Internet or Broadband over the Power Grid. Mr. Piilani is either smoking something most of the time or he is perpetuating his 'technology myths' for purposes of enticing investment monies into his enterprises and into the Global Verge Marketing company. I believe the latter because his association with convicted felon Mark Petschel goes beyond what he has stated. He knows full well that everything he has put on the Unified Technologies website and the Zer01 website is false, misleading and designed to entice people to participate monetarily with his company or with Global Verge. This is a continuing criminal enterprise that has been going on for some time with Mr. Piilani. All the "Financial Entities" claimed on his Unified Technologies website are fictitious too. "Continuing Criminal Enterprise" with organized MLM Scammers like Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins who have ran this same Scam at least 4 times, 2004, 2006, 2007 and now 2009....same M.O. and MLM plan.....that friends spells R.I.C.O.

    The sad thing is that since this 'Global Verge' Con was incorporated in Nevada and Launched some 40,000 people have signed up and paid them money. The technology is bogus, canot be delivered so the scam will of necessity have to be shut down and has happened in the past the Scammers will tell them the money was all spent and Mr. Piilani is to blame because he could not deliver and of course they will tell people "They lost much more than you did".....this is already in the "playbook". Running the Scam behind the scenes for some time has been Stephen Lewis, Teressa Curtis and Craig Perry.
    Since they learned last week that Mark Petschel will no doubt be going back to Prison because of Parole and Probation Violations, Mr. Lewis has stepped out of the shadows and become the CEO of Global Verge and Mr. Craig Perry has become the C.O.O. Mr. Perry is also the in-house attorney because he does have a Nevada License to practice law. With bogus addresses in Las Vegas for Global Verge, Buzzirk Mobile and Zer01, an empty office and two mail box drops in reality, this whole operation has been and continues to be run out of a home owned and occupied by Steve Lewis and Teressa Curtis. Mark Petschel has been living there also and we are told Ben Piilani also may be living there, but we are not sure. The home has been under surveillance and the pictures will tell the story. For any of the Investors or those 40,000 people who were scammed out of money they should be contacting Mr. Steve Lewis and Craig Perry to request refunds. This operating office and home is located at 7223 Iron Oak Ave LV 89113. The phone number there for Mr. Steve Lewis is 702-450-5076.

    The 'End Days' not only cometh, they are here.


  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Randall what accurate information do you have that suggests otherwise?

  • Randall S. Says:

    Your blog attempts are by far the most inaccurate and unreliable piece of information on the web.Please understand that the "freedom of speech law" will not help you in court when stating unfactual information.


  • Rich Says:

    House o cards is starting to fall. Holy Sh*t!

  • 90 Recruits in 90 Days Says:

    I have made note of many discrepancies about their website on my blog. This a very deceptive scam. Network marketers be aware of this one!

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