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Wren V5PF Goes on Sale, First Android-Compatible Play-Fi Speaker

Wren has announced its Android-compatible $399 V5PF speaker, which features the DTS Play-Fi wireless standard. Leveraging Wi-Fi, DTS Play-Fi enables you to stream high-quality lossless audio directly from a phone or tablet  to the speaker. 

Sporting a shell made partially of natural bamboo or rosewood veneers, the V5PF is powered by a pair of 3-inch long throw drivers with four-layer voice coils as well as a pair of 19mm soft dome tweeters. As many as eight Wren speakers can be connected to a single network, allowing the user to stream music to any part of the home.

The V5PF works in conjunction with a free mobile app that can be found in the Google Play Store or Amazon Marketplace. The app lets you stream from your music library and Pandora, as well as DLNA servers.

There are certainly more affordable wireless speakers out there, such as the $249 Bluetooth-powered Jawbone Big Jambox. But if you're looking for pristine audio quality and the ability to create a whole-house setup, the Wren V5PF looks like it's definitely worth a listen.