World's Most Expensive Laptop? The Ego Bentley

Let's take a break from ultra cheap mini-notebooks and even the world's cheapest laptop (aka the RazorBook) and focus on a laptop that doesn't only cost as much as a car, but is also car branded. Enter the Ego Bentley. Ego Lifestyle is known for making ultra chic, luxury notebooks. In fact, when I spoke to America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker a few months ago he deemed the Ego Signature laptop the most fashionable laptop. So revving on to the car branded laptop scene is now the king of luxury cars: The Bentley. Priced at $19,943, the Ego Bentley is hand made and the exterior is clad in "the finest selection of Bentley leather" and is finished with authentic Bentley cross-over hand stitching. The leather exterior, which matches the deck under the hood, is available in a choice of 10 colors (see some of those in our gallery below). A chrome handle is built in to the chassis is modeled after Bentley etching, known as Knurling. Oh I almost forgot to mention that the frames around the laptop are made of white gold. And the specs? The Bentley sports a 64-bit version of Microsoft Vista Ultimate, a 160GB hard drive and is powered by 2GB of RAM and a Mobile AMD TurionTM 64 processor. Its 12-inch screen has a 1280x800 resolution and the system has a fine selection of ports, including 3 USBs, S-video out, a VGA port, microphone and headphones. Uh, 801.11 abg WLAN WiFi? You would think $20K would buy you draft-N, 4GB of RAM, and a terabyte of SSD storage, no? There is a front loading DVD±RW player and a webcam centered over the display. And for the price you get Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2007 and Dragon Naturally Speaking voice software, because you wouldn't want to mar this fine laptop with your fingerprints. Would you? The bad news: we cannot afford one of these. The good news: Ego has agreed to send us one for for review. What would you like to see us do to the Bentley to put it through its $20,000 paces?