World's Most Expensive Laptop? The Ego Bentley

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Let's take a break from ultra cheap mini-notebooks and even the world's cheapest laptop (aka the RazorBook) and focus on a laptop that doesn't only cost as much as a car, but is also car branded. Enter the Ego Bentley. Ego Lifestyle is known for making ultra chic, luxury notebooks. In fact, when I spoke to America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker a few months ago he deemed the Ego Signature laptop the most fashionable laptop. So revving on to the car branded laptop scene is now the king of luxury cars: The Bentley. Priced at $19,943, the Ego Bentley is hand made and the exterior is clad in "the finest selection of Bentley leather" and is finished with authentic Bentley cross-over hand stitching. The leather exterior, which matches the deck under the hood, is available in a choice of 10 colors (see some of those in our gallery below). A chrome handle is built in to the chassis is modeled after Bentley etching, known as Knurling. Oh I almost forgot to mention that the frames around the laptop are made of white gold. And the specs? The Bentley sports a 64-bit version of Microsoft Vista Ultimate, a 160GB hard drive and is powered by 2GB of RAM and a Mobile AMD TurionTM 64 processor. Its 12-inch screen has a 1280x800 resolution and the system has a fine selection of ports, including 3 USBs, S-video out, a VGA port, microphone and headphones. Uh, 801.11 abg WLAN WiFi? You would think $20K would buy you draft-N, 4GB of RAM, and a terabyte of SSD storage, no? There is a front loading DVD±RW player and a webcam centered over the display. And for the price you get Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2007 and Dragon Naturally Speaking voice software, because you wouldn't want to mar this fine laptop with your fingerprints. Would you? The bad news: we cannot afford one of these. The good news: Ego has agreed to send us one for for review. What would you like to see us do to the Bentley to put it through its $20,000 paces?
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  • MuDiT_baller4life Says:

    I dont know what you guys are talking about. I think that this beauty is totally worth every penny !

  • TheGeek189 Says:

    does this piece crap even have speakers? 20k and runs on Vista? P.O.S. -.-

  • Sayed Javeed Says:

    every one who buys this sheet he is crazy

  • Sayed Jamal Says:

    if i buy one after that i have to go and beg and i dont like it

  • THe Candy Man Can Says:

    wow. my sister's dell laptop has better specs than this piece of sh*t. an my macbook, dont even ask about the specs, its better than this. only and stupid a****** would buy this.

  • Odesh Says:


  • crapty Says:

    no way to this women's handbag looking laptop! it looks like my big sister's makeup bag---or whatever it called.hahah! peace...just saying my opinion about that "can't-tell-wether-it's-laptop-or-handbag"

  • asca Says:

    never underestimate the stupidity of the consumer..

  • happy guy Says:

    looks like a poo

  • cool me Says:


  • Wrenn Says:

    omg. the specs' miserable. if i walk around with that crap around MIT, my friends would totally make a fool out of me! 20k and it runs on windows! seriously. o,O

  • heheheh Says:

    Joke, right? This cant be real. 20k for this shit?

  • mustatsa Says:

    everything which bentley makes is overpriced watches cars laptops everything

  • Ciara Says:

    OMG, seriously, who the hell would wanna spend their cash on this crap?
    ~Honestly speaking~ Ego notebooks does have some nice designs, but hey, I wouldn't want to spend just over 20k for a piece of fashionable notebook, even if I am a rich. -.-

  • Akila Says:

    $20,000 and it runs on Windows? Ha ha.

  • Realist266 Says:

    You people who claim to have bought this are probably just a bunch of losers who can only feel important by annoncing you can afford a piece of crap laptop like this to complete cyber-strangers, and are most likely a 12 year old kid who thinks people who have butlers and "servants" actually waste their lives on this website.

    That being said, if you are in fact a millionaire and have purchased this for lack of a better word laptop, then you are very dumb, and your rich friends spend all their free time laughing at you behind your back.

    I'm not knocking this laptop because I "can't afford the rich things in life"... if this laptop had, say, a 4TB hard drive, or maybe 4 Core 2 Duo processors, or heck, maybe a screen that shoots lasers at thiefs, i'd sell my third car for one. But this ugly thing? I don't know whether the exterior is a badly designed purse or the scrap car interior from a nasty interstate pile-up.

    Message to Bentley: Stick to the luxury cars we know and love... leave the laptops to Mac.

  • Daddy Says:

    You liar. I bought you a cardboard box, which is bigger than your room. 1. get some friends 2. get a life 3. stop telling people about MY laptop.

    It is a great machine.

    I spent more on it than I did on my daughter! but I hate her. and so does everyone else.

  • Daddy's Rich Girl! Says:

    You guys are soooo jealous I just got one last week and I really love it! Just becasue you can't afford the rich things in life doesn't mean you have to knock it. Stop being haters and get a real job. Besides, I wouldn't expect any of you to understand because you probably don't know what it is like to be daddy's rich girl.


  • Daddy's Girl Says:

    Quite Cheap, would't you agree. I got one for my 16th Birthday darling, there not that extravagent if you ask me.

  • Nobin Says:

    This is worthless.$20000! no chance

  • martypolston Says:

    Wrong again there's a laptop for 1 million, Luvaglio of London released the world's most expensive laptop.

  • luluu Says:

    if any one gave it to me as a gift i 'will never ever rejected,

  • anaam Says:

    how much is this laptop

  • Says:

    Wrong. Theres a 350000 dollar laptop which is made from diamonds and gold. its 80 carats all over.

  • Shin Says:

    Crappist laptop ever. I WILL NOT PAY $20,000 FOR THIS CRAP. Whoever does is a moron. The specs suck, it looks like a purse or a handbag, and the who the machine is not worth $400. Whoever buy this got to be really stupid. You could just buy an ordinary laptop and put it in a handbag and it would look better than this.

  • head shot gamer Says:

    omg this is a load of bs i can get a laptop for about $6k with about 6g ram and a 1.5tb of memory all this bently stuff is a load of bull waste of money and time gl with it and ill just watch your buisness fail

  • richie rich Says:

    my servant got 2 of them!

  • Asskicker Says:

    £20 000? Not for this one!

  • Whatever Says:

    Let's not even speak about the price. It's ugly!!

  • st1mps Says:

    I wouldn't pay this, but if I had the cash I'd get myself seriously kitted out with Alienware gear - a laptop, a desktop AND the big wide screen thing of theirs.

  • harwinder Says:

    its realty stupid idea to buy such expensive laptop, 'll buy some nice car & laptop in that amount

  • Stella Says:

    Wow. I don't think i would pay the money to just be "fationable" an walk around with these. Plus, they don't match anything i wear. I'll stick with the regular laptops.

  • Peter Says:

    It is really not male. I prefer a Notebook from Ggeveros Design. It is really exclusive and has a maximum of hardware.

  • Dashing Draper Says:

    Is Bentley "Bent" ? Is this a retro 1960's handbag ? Can a Macho man carry this off ?

  • terry purly Says:

    What an extremely beautiful device. And finally a machine that is not overspec'd, but has the engine fit to the purpose. Saw the mothercompany also won the Fashion PC award.

    Love it - unfortunately can't buy one yet, but certainly can't buy a Bentley, so this might be a replacement on my wish list!

  • Katty Kathy Says:

    I think you should do all of the usual stuff then do some tests on like will it overheat if left in the sun or waterproof. I mean for $20,00, the actually laptop should BE something special, right? The only reason it's so expensive is the Bentley modeled handbag exterior.

  • Trust Fund Toby Says:

    I just preordered one, the Bentley dealer told me about this at the dealership about a year ago, I can't wait until it arrives! I'll ask my butler to do an unboxing

  • Nova Says:

    Honestly - what sort of wealthy idiot would actually BUY one of these?

    The specs are miserable. It's a $600 bargain bin laptop inside. This doesn't inspire envy, just laughs!

    After Paris Hilton gets one for her poodle, who else is buying?!

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