V12's Dual Touchscreen Canova Laptop Coming from Estari

Back in July we stumbled upon Italian firm V12 Design and its Canova dual touchscreen laptop model. When we then chatted with Valerio Cometti, the founder and managing director of the design agency, about the dual LCD laptop he mentioned that he had been working on a second-generation version of the dual-screen laptop along with a U.S. manufacturer. It seems V12 and their client Estari are ready to show off the second generation all-touch laptop. See the plethora of pictures of the new design below. According to Cometti, V12 has reworked its orginal design, "improving the versatility and the potential of our original concept." The design has been improved for increased movement between the two screens. Both the screens measure 15.4 inches.

But it is not V12 that will bring the Canova to market, that would be Pennsylvania-based Estari's job. President and CEO of Estari Peter Thomas has been interested in developing a dual screen laptop for quite awhile and owns the intellectual property rights to the second generation Canova design. "We are going to finish up the engineering of the arm and the hinge system which is intergal to how it all moves," Thomas says. As for timing, Thomas didn't promise an exact date, but says, "we are hoping as quickly as possible - much less than a few years. We have been involved in developing dual touch screen technology and we have produced products in the past where you have that center hinge with screens locked together." The internal technology is currently under wraps, according to Thomas. The company will have a second launch revealing more about the software and hardware it uses to run. The Canova was originally designed by V12 for use in creative professions. However , Thomas sees dual screen computing appealing to all. "We see it being used across any application, even in a portrait mode with two screens side-by-side and right down to having Internet on one side and e-mail on the other."