V12 Designs' Dual-Touchscreen Notebook Coming within Two Years

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How excited we were when OLPC unveiled its XO-2 design a few months ago. The thought of a dual touchscreen laptop was mouth-watering, and the pictures of a touch keyboard had us all wondering if it would create a whole new way of computing. But someone actually beat them to the punch. V12 Design, an Italian industrial design agency, developed a similar concept four years ago. Valerio Cometti, the founder and managing director of the firm, came up with a dual LCD laptop called the Canova. The first-generation Canova had a dual-touchscreen form and Cometti told us, "it was developed for creative types, such as artists." The first-generation model, of which we have a whole slew of images below, actually existed and was made of stainless steel and carbon fiber, but it didn't run an operating system or software. It was envisioned to transform from a sketch pad, to a writing pad with an electronic pen, to a newspaper. Cometti pitched the idea around to laptop manufacturers, who took interest. Which is where the Canova Generation 2 comes in. Cometti said that V12 Designs has been working on a second-gen version of the dual-screen laptop along with a U.S. manufacturer. He believes the laptop, if you can call it that, will be complete in as soon as 16 months and will come to the U.S. market. He could not reveal the name of the U.S.-based company with which V12 is co-developing and designing the system. "We developed a brand-new style for the second generation. We did stretch the potential of the Canova noticeably, making it able to do things no notebook has been able to do so far," Cometti told us over the phone. Unfortunately, he could not provide images of the new version. He did tell us that it will be a portable personal computer that will support multi-touch input. As he designed in the first version, a software keyboard would appear on the screen. He recommends that the keyboard use haptic feedback since typing on this sort of keyboard is less comfortable than using a traditional one. Cometti also stressed that a microphone would be built into the design because "voice recognition will become a more popular and widespread feature in these dual-screen notebooks." The Canova 2 will also have the ability to transform into an e-book, letting users swipe a finger to turn the page. So will we really see the arrival of a dual-touchscreen laptop before the year 2015? This news from V12 Designs indicates that the concept may be a reality by 2010, around the time OLPC is also promising its realized concept. Now we're left wondering what U.S. company V12 is in talks with? Not that Apple needs any design help, but that pairing would be even sweeter than an iPhone 3G.
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  • Dual Screen Laptops Says:

    The Dual screen laptops are available in the market at a high price, but even then they have become the apple of everyone’s eye. The dual screen laptops, as the name suggests, has two screens. They are two large TFT screens which can be slide away to fill the space when transporting it. These laptops can be used for multi-tasking. Professional video editors, photographers, designers are the main target market for these kind of laptops. These people need to switch between lots of applications to do their work as there is lot of work involved. Dual screen laptops generally come with a keyboard, but the latest trend is touchscreen interface opting for a virtual board like that of iPhone.

  • malik sss Says:

    how much money V12 laptop is it??

  • Bob Says:

    How much does it cost?

  • Jen Maemad Says:

    I am extremely excited for this product. The only question I have right now is the cost. Something as amazing as this is sure to be pretty pricey.

  • AQAB MALIK Says:

    This sounds great. It'll come at the same time as microsoft's new operating system, which is designed for the touch screen technology. The only problem is that I need a new laptop now, and I can't wait two or more years. I've looked around, but the screens are too small. Ideally, I need a 17". Any ideas????
    It should last me until this dual screen stuff comes in.
    17" screen touchscreen HD widescreen, fast processor for multi-media presentations, good design, high RAM & HDD, blue-ray, dvdrw, vista, lots of ports, and cheap as possible (gotta save money!!!).
    Any ideas, please do let me know asap.

  • Edmin Says:

    Making them wireless and detachable and Correlactive would be cool

  • elissa Says:

    um i have a question how much will it b

  • shane max Says:

    hey what about regular technicians and people who are already used to dual screen systems. i have been building dual screen configurations long time. and it really brings multi tasking to ease.
    because with mono display system if you have multiple windows open, and click on another well they tend to overlap. but not with dual screen you can spread it all out across the two screens.
    so their lol

  • Lynn Marentette Says:

    The Canova laptop looks like it will have great potential for use in education. The dual touch screen set-up can facilitate collaborative activities between students. Audio and multi-touch input capabilities will provide a good foundation for universally-designed applications, assistive technologies, and education.

  • Charmaigne Says:

    The potential is here. The one issue that has kept me away from laptops is carpal tunnel syndrome. The only keyboard that keeps me out of wrist braces is the ergonomic keyboard. If a laptop such as this one could be configured with a selectable ergonomic keybard for the touch-sensitive screen it would solve the problem. However, I am only infinitesimally hopeful.

  • italophile Says:

    From lot's of experience, I am sure that no Italian company will delivery anyting on time, if ever.

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