New USB Type-C Takes Frustration Out of Connecting Devices

Few things are as  frustrating as struggling to plug in a USB cable only to realize on the ninth try that you were plugging it in the wrong way. Well, it seems the technology gods have been listening to the cries of the masses, as the USB Implementers Forum, the folks behind the USB standard, have announced a new version of USB connector that's impossible to plug in the wrong way.

USB Type-C is a reversible cable that sports the same male connector on both ends, so you'll never have to futz with figuring out what end plugs into your computer and what end connects to your device. What's more, like Apple's Lighting connector, you can just plug the adapter into your device without having to flip it over two or three times.

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The USB-IF says the new Type-C will run at the same speed as USB 3.0 and support scaleable charging. And thanks to its small size, device makers will be able to create thinner, more compact devices. A slight clicking noise will let people know when they've plugged in their Type-C adapter. 

But just because a new type of USB connector is coming out, however, doesn't mean your old cables are immediately obsolete. Micro and full-size USB adapters will likely still be in use for quite some time as they are the standard for nearly every device that connects to a computer or smartphone.

Daniel P. Howley
LAPTOP Senior Writer
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