How to Upload Paint 3D Creations to the Remix 3D Community

The Remix 3D community is one of my favorite parts about Paint 3D. By tapping the power of the community, Paint 3D users can create elaborate pieces of artwork, even without the slightest bit of artistic inclination -- which is perfect for those who have as little artistic talent as I have.

If you manage to create something you’re proud of, however, you can always upload the creation to the Remix 3D community. It’s good to give back.

1. Open Paint 3D and click Open to import one of your creations to a new canvas.

2. Click the folder icon in the top left of the top menu.

3. Click Upload to Remix 3D.

4. Choose a color for the background, and adjust the light wheel below if you’d like to shift the direction of the light (optional).

5. Click Next.

6. Name your creation, add a description, and use descriptive tags so others can find it.

7. Click Upload.