Top 10 New Features of Windows 8.1

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Windows 8 hasn’t exactly been the biggest hit with PC users since it launched in October, but Microsoft is looking to change that with its first major update to the OS—Windows 8.1. Unveiled earlier this summer, the update brings a slew of features that Microsoft promises are based on user feedback and concerns.

The long-rumored update, previously code-named Windows Blue, adds enhancements that make it easier to navigate the Windows 8 ecosystem in addition to improving the overall app experience.  The new update may look and feel just like Windows 8 at first, but there are some key additions that are worth knowing about. Here’s a roundup of our favorite new features to debut with Windows 8.1.

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Lisa Eadicicco
Lisa Eadicicco, LAPTOP Staff Writer
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  • Irmiya emmanuel Says:

    Actually yous guys are awesome and great in technology.i congratulate you weldon for your tireless work.may GOD give you more revelation on how to develop more are all beautiful people.

  • AST Says:

    YAAAAAY Microsoft finally figured out that we like using 2 apps at once. In Windos 8 you can have an app full size, 80% or 20% which sucks, because a news reader can't fit while you are watching YouTube. Thanks Microsoft for making WIndows 8.1 just as useful as Windows 7!

  • Nathan Sokalski Says:

    The thing that people need to realize is that Windows 7 and Windows 8 have different purposes. One is for touch and tablets, the other is for desktops and laptops. One was designed primarily for multimedia, web, and other entertainment uses, the other primarily for productivity and business. Yes, both can be used for all of them, but which one they were optimized for is very different. Which one you get, or whether you get both, will depend on what your primary needs are.

  • Stupid Magnum Serpentine Says:

    Magnum Serpentine, you are a paid iSheep obviously! Get the hell out, now. Windows 8.1 is more flexible with the ability to boot to desktop and the lock-screen allows you to use the camera and display one year of photos that was taken on your Windows 8.1 device. There is also the newly redesigned Start Screen, Start Button, and newly re-designed Windows Store and built-in Apps for Windows 8.1.

    Get lost you Apple troll!

  • Magnum Serpentine Says:

    There are Improvements in 8.1? Really? Funny I didn't see any. Now what should happen, in my ideal of 8.1 is when you turn on your computer it says, Installing 8.1. When complete, the computer now says, Welcome to Windows 7. Yes thats right, Scrap windows 8. I will NEVER buy a Computer that will not allow Windows 7 to be substituted for junk software Windows 8.

  • d33zy Says:

    Don't be scared of change :D

  • keven Says:

    8.1 is a fantastic update. Users who cannot get their heads wrapped around the new UI can make 8 behave like 7 with applications from stardock (start 8 and modern mix) but the new UI grows on you with time, especially if you get a touch screen computer. I used to be extremely anti-screen touching and now I find myself touching my desktop's screen from time to time by mistake. The new UI just begs foe you to get more personal with it than using a mouse and keyboard. I can't wait to see how the leap motion controller changes the workspace for those of is with desktop pcs still on the job.

  • Pigeonpoo Says:

    A better improvement would be to scrap windows 8 entirely. I have held off on buying a new computer to avoid being stuck with this invasive privacy problem OS.

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