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Dell’s recent announcement that it’s halting smartphone sales in the U.S. made us think back on all of the company's ambitious but failed products. Though the manufacturer excels in traditional laptop and desktop sales, it continuously struggles to perform as well in other segments like mobile. But hey, you can't fault America's second-largest PC vendor for trying.

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Molly Klinefelter, LAPTOP Assistant Editor
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Molly Klinefelter, LAPTOP Assistant Editor on
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  • Tony Cipriani Says:

    The problem with Dell is in the past when they entered a market even one where they had an awesome product they exit the market. The best example I can think of is the Axim line. So if you still have one (I do... I know it's sad) there's no support.
    The only thing they stayed consistently in was their core market, desktops and laptops so this move (again) doesn't surprise me.
    Personally I don't think I'll buy another Dell product outside their main range.

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