TapTap Wristband Transmits Touch For Long-Distance Relationships

The stress of being away from your love can be difficult to bear, but a new wearable band aims to alleviate that problem. TapTap, a project launched on Kickstarter today, keeps long-distance couples connected by transmitting touch between the bracelets from anywhere on the planet. Expected to cost $130 for a pair, the wristbands will ship in April 2014 if the project is funded by Nov 22. 

According to a video on the TapTap kickstarter page, all you have to do is tap the band and your partner's TapTap will vibrate, letting them know you are thinking of them. The wristband also packs an accelerometer and gyroscope so other apps can be developed to work with the device. The company is currently working on an SDK that could lead to sports or game applications.

The wristbands feature a hypoallergenic silicone slap-bracelet and a plastic module that can be removed to mix and match with bands of different colors and patterns. The team plans to offer black, light blue, orange, grey, yellow and pink bands at launch, but will expand its range of options with colorful patterns as well.  

Measuring 1.9 x 0.7 x 0.5 inches and weighing just 1 ounce, the TapTap also carries an 80mAH battery that should last up to 7 days on a charge. A companion app for iOS and Android lets you send and receive taps from your phone in case you don't have the band on you. The TapTap App, which works via Bluetooth, can turn on and off the band, and will notify you when the band needs to be recharged. In a creepy twist, the app can make it look as if your partner touched your phone from the inside. 

The team hopes to raise $130,000 for its production, certification and delivery costs by November, and as of now has raised just under 10 percent of that target with 36 more days to go. You can still pledge $90 for your own set of TapTap wristbands in support of the team and get your name on its website. 

Cherlynn Low
Staff Writer
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