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T-Mobile Offers Nexus 5 For $100 More Than Google

If you're bad at math or don't mind paying  a lot of interest on a gadget purchase, T-Mobile has a great deal for you. The carrier officially announced today that, starting November 14,  it will offer the Google Nexus 5  for $41.99 down and 24 monthly payments of $17 with its Simple Choice plan, bringing the total device cost to $451.99. The same device can be bought unlocked from Google Play for $349 and used on T-Mobile's network.

The carrier didn't offer any explanation as to why it is charging $100 more than Google for the same device, but perhaps the company is  hoping that users will be too snowed by the relatively-low monthly price of the handset to do the multiplication. Users who have difficulty dropping $349 at one time, might appreciate being able to spread the payments across 24 months, but adding an extra $100 to the total, after spending $59 in the first month gives you a whopping 33 percent interest rate over 2 years. You can sign up on T-Mobile's website now to be notified when the Nexus 5 becomes available. 

Unveiled last month, the Nexus 5 will run Android 4.4 KitKat on a 2.26-GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip with 2GB of RAM and features a 450 MHz Adreno 330 GPU as well. Better yet, the LG-made phone will support wireless charging and sports a slimmer, cleaner design than its predecessor. With a 1920 x 1080p 5-inch display, the Nexus 5 also houses an 8-MP rear camera and a 1.3-MP one up front. It will be available in black or white, and come in 16GB or 32GB storage variants.

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T-Mobile is the second network to offer the Nexus 5, with Sprint having been announced at the device's launch. T-Mobile's Simple Choice plans start at $50 a month for unlimited talk and text with 500MB data a month. The uncarrier says it covers 96 percent of Americans with its expanding 4G LTE footprint that currently reaches 232 markets. With its recently-announced international data plans at no additional cost, T-Mobile proves to be an appealing carrier, dubious-pricing plans aside. 

If you don't want to purchase your Nexus 5 from T-Mobile, you can already get it on Sprint for $149.99 on a two year contract or for $349 (32GB: $399) unlocked via the Google Play store. It is expected to retail via Amazon, Best Buy and RadioShack in the near future. 

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