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T-Mobile Guarantees Best Trade-In Smartphone Deals

Apple's anticipated announcement of the iPhone 6 and the flood of people expecting to upgrade, lots of folks are wondering what to do with their existing smartphone. T-Mobile has an answer. The carrier is offering the best trade-in value on phones for a limited time. 

The cherry on top for T-Mobile customers is that the company will not only beat the price from other carriers, while also throwing in a $50 credit. The offer starts Sept. 17, and will run for an unspecified amount of time. All users have to do is go online within 7 days of completing a trade with T-Mobile, and document details of the competing deal. 

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The catch is that users must be current T-Mobile customers. The credit will be applied directly to a monthly bill, and the device in question must be eligible for trade-in; meaning that your original iPhone 3G probably won't be included. The current trade-in value of a 16GB iPhone 5s is $250, which may go even higher when the plan goes into action later this month.

Combined with T-Mobile's current offer to pay early termination fees for users switching to the Un-carrier, T-Mobile makes a very attractive choice for users looking to save some money. The price war between Sprint and T-Mobile has seen monthly plans fall as low as $60 a month for unlimited talk and text and 3GB of 4G LTE data.

With no release date for flagship products like the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Edge and upcoming iPhone 6, we expect the offer to continue through at least October to take advantage of all the buyers planning to upgrade. Just don't get too comfortable as they may axe the plan without notice.