Stocking Stuffer: iPod Slap

Remember slap bracelets? Yes, the 80s were a terrible time for us all. But you know you rocked some of those gaudy, painful fashion accessories because everyone else was doing it. Kind of like how today you have an iPod nano because everyone else has one.

There are now several companies making straps that turn the surprisingly versatile little music player into a watch, but I'm fond of the iPod Slap because I do enjoy the nostalgia. In this case, the memory metal inside will slap firmly around your wrist, but you can forgo the pain since it's wrapped in colorful silicon. You also won't have to forgo listening to music while it's in the case, as there's a port for your headphone jack.

Though Griffin is teasing us with a rainbow of bright, popping colors on their product page, only pink, red, and black are currently available (and black is sold out at the moment). Still, you can sign up for email alerts when the color you want is ready, which we hope is in time for you to gift it to the iPod nano-loving person on your list.

iPod Slap | $24.99 | Griffin Technology