Steam Summer Sale 2019: The Best Deals So Far

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale has officially begun. As is tradition with Steam sales, this limited-time event offers deep discounts on PC games big and small, from recent AAA hits to popular indies and cult classics.

Dubbed "The Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale," this year's sale runs from June 25 to July 9. As part of the sale, you can play a special browser-based Steam game aptly named Grand Prix, which allows you to win free games via giveaways and earn items that can be traded on the Steam Marketplace. 

Players simply choose one of the five available teams to get started. Sticking to an animal theme, choices include; Team Corgi, Team Hare, Team Cockatiel, Team Tortoise, and Team Pig. The goal of the game is to complete quests such as purchasing games or earning achievements which all help boost your team to the finish line. Outside of the usual Steam rewards such as emoticons and profile backgrounds, random members of teams in first, second, and third place will get the top item in their Steam Wishlist for free.

Here are the best discounts we've spotted so far -- be sure to bookmark this page, as we'll be adding new deals as they pop up.

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Big AAA Hits

Essential Indies

Multiplayer Must-Haves

Hidden Gems

Virtual Reality

Steam Sale Shopping Tips

  • The game you want isn’t on sale? Don’t be discouraged, new deals roll out every day during the sale. You can add games you're hoping to grab to your wishlist and be notified via email when they drop in price.
  • Want to keep track of deals and buy games on the go? Be sure to download the Steam mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • As exciting as Steam sales are, remember that you don't have to buy a game just because it's on sale. Steam sales can make your backlog pretty bloated fast, so make sure you're spending on cash on stuff you actually plan on playing. And given the frequency of Steam sales, don't despair if you missed out on your chance to save on a game.

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