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Sprint Axes One Up Early Upgrade Plan After Just Four Months

Just four months after Sprint joined the likes of T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon in offering early upgrade plans, the carrier has axed its One Up option. According to Sprint’s website, the early upgrade plan was retired on Jan. 9.

The carrier is now encouraging users to check out their Framily Plan, which Sprint says is designed to help customers save money as they add more people to their plans. Users can add up to 10 people to a given plan, and the more people you add to the plan the more you save, according to Sprint.

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Sprint’s One Up plan was one of the cheaper early upgrade plans when compared to the competition. Sprint’s option allowed users to upgrade their device every year instead of every two years by paying for their phone in monthly installments.

Those signing up for the One Up plan over the last four months had the option of purchasing unlimited data, talk and text for an aggressive $65 per month, while similar deals such as T-Mobile’s Jump plan charge $70 for monthly service. Sprint also didn’t charge down payments for phones purchased through its One Up plan like competing services.

It’s unclear exactly why Sprint decided to cancel its early upgrade option, but the Framily plan seems like a different approach in swaying mobile users from rival carriers.