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Spotify to Add New Social and Music Discovery Features in 2013

Today, Spotify, the popular music streaming service, announced that it will be rolling out a variety of new features that will improve and encourage music discovery for its users. In the year and a half that Spotify has been available in the U.S., it has changed the way people consume music and own digital music in the way that Netflix changed the way people look at owning physical or digital copies of DVDS. Now it's set to up the ante.

Spotify is great for people who have taken the time to customize playlists or know exactly the artist or song they'd like to hear, but Pandora Radio, a popular internet radio service, still tops Spotify's ability to recommend music tailored to your taste.  At the beginning of next year, Spotify will change all that with a new 'Follow' feature and a new 'Discovery' tab.

Users will be able to follow and get followed by other users. They can also follow celebrity influencers and see what they are listening to in real time.  Users can also build their own following by simply sharing their favorites songs like they can already do and helping their friends discover new music.

The 'Discovery' tab will promote album and song releases from the artists you follow and the songs and playlists shared by your favorite influencers. It will even make artist and song recommendations by looking at the music you listen to.  If you find and follow an artist you like, Spotify's mobile app will send push notifications directly to your phone as soon as that artist adds new tracks. 

In the new Spotify, you will also be able to save an album into a collection instead of having to create a new playlist for an artist or an album, which currently leads to a messy sidebar if you are not careful with your selections. Although this is not an earth-shattering feature, it is something that current Spotify users will appreciate.