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Spotify Music Service to Invade U.S. Shores Soon

Spotify, the streaming music service that has garnered legions of subscribers in its native U.K., is coming to America. The company confirmed the news via its website and is sure to put smiles on users who have longed for a state-side arrival.

Flying high on just securing $100 million in financing last month, the Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify is valued at a healthy $1 billion. In addition, its latest lucrative round of funding is backed in part by DST Global, a Russian investment firm with high stakes in Facebook. This has fueled speculation that the service will integrate deeply with U.S. members of the massive social network.

With more than 10 million people signed up on Spotify's free ad-based service in Europe and 1 million of them actual paid subscribers, expectations are high that an American launch will majorly disrupt the online music space (e.g. Slacker, Music Beta by Google, Rdio, and more).

Spotify supports all major computing and smartphone systems including iOS, Windows, Android, and Windows Phone 7. No word yet on exactly when U.S. users can expect Spotify to land but hopefully it won't be long.

via Spotify, WSJ