How to Split-Screen Chrome in Android 7 Nougat

Android 7 Nougat allows you to view two apps at the same time, but that feature doesn't allow the same app to be duplicated on the screen. This is most frustrating for me because there didn't seem to be a way to have two Chrome tabs visible at the same time, a feature that led one developer down a rabbit hole, making a third-party app (currently in beta) that aims to mirror any app in the split-screen view. 

Luckily, the industrious folks at Greenbot discovered a way to keep two Chrome tabs open at once, and it doesn't require any hacks or trickery. Unfortunately, this trick doesn't seem like something that the Android team intended to make possible, so we suggest you take advantage of it while you can, before it's disabled by an update.

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1. Open Chrome.

2. Long-press on the Recents [square] button.

3. Tap the three-dots button.

4. Tap Move to other window.

5. Tap the + button to open a new Chrome tab.

You've split your screen between two Chrome tabs. Happy browsing!