Sony SmartDock Turns Your Xperia P Into a Media Center PC

Why buy a media center PC when you can get just use your smartphone? The new Sony SmartDock allows users to connect their Xperia P phones to any HDTV or monitor via HDMI and access their content, documents, and more using a remote control. 

The lightweight and attractive dock has two full-size USB ports on the back for connecting peripherals like keyboards, along with a microUSB port for powering the Xperia P. Once the phone is docked, users can take advantage of an attractive, livingroom-friendly UI with shortcut icons to your apps laid out in a rotating circle that you can navigate using your remote, keyboard, or mouse. The keyboard can also be attached via bluetooth.

In a brief demo, a Sony rep showed us how the docked Xperia P could be used to display photos from your phone's gallery, play music from its library, or write messages on its keyboard. The phone's screen is mirrored onto the TV, allowing you to run any app from across the room.

Though the main use of the SmartDock will undoubtedly be for consuming photos, videos, and music from the couch, we can't help but think of the productivity possibilities. Imagine using a business app like QuickOffice on your phone but viewing the contents on a big screen while you type on a real, full-size keyboard. Picture yourself coming through your email inbox on your large-screen TV while you sit back on the couch.

Sony did not announce specific pricing and availability for the SmartDock, which is only available for the Xperia P at present.

Avram Piltch
Online Editorial Director
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