Video: Samsung Series 9 Boots Faster Than MacBook Air

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The Samsung Series 9 ultrathin ultraportable just landed in our labs and we're busy testing it right now. One of the first things we did was look at how fast it boots, compared to the 13-inch MacBook Air. The result? The Series 9 takes 24 seconds to boot (20 seconds until the desktop shows and another 4 to load tray apps) and the 13-inch MacBook Air takes 27 seconds. Check the video below to see for yourself. But boot time isn't everything.

Update: Also, check out our full review of the Samsung Series 9 (13-inch).

It's worth noting that the MacBook Air booted in 15 seconds when we first tested it. It's no longer at the fresh install stage now whereas the Series 9 is almost right out of the box.

We also tested wake from sleep and shut down speeds. The Air bested the Series 9 there, though Samsung's notebook was still fast.

The Air woke in 3 seconds. The Series 9 took 6 seconds.

Once again, the Air is speedier: 3 seconds. The Series 9 took 9 seconds.

6 and 9 seconds is still very speedy, though it definitely feels longer sitting right next to the Air. We've still got plenty of tests to run before we're ready to post our review, but so far the results look promising. What do you want to know about the Series 9? What other comparisons would you like to see?

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  • CRK Says:

    I do not understand this review in comparison. You are testing shut down speeds? How is this relevant when you are using 2 different operating systems. If your gona do hardware comparisons at least use the same software to test them with. Use bootcamp and put Windows on the Mac, or put OSX on the Series 9 although its not supported and more difficult. You also missed out on some major technical comparisons, especially when screen quality.

  • Mason Says:

    Please let us know if the Samsung lid is more secure when opened than the Air. The screen (lid) of the Air flops back and forth when you walk with the unit open in hand. In other words it's too loose and feels cheap.

  • Prasad Says:

    Forgot about fast or slow, most important is inventor and follower

  • Denizer Atli Says:

    Touchpad test
    1080p video playback test
    Microsoft Office test (to see if Microsoft screwed Apple)

  • Leiwei Says:

    How odd it takes 15 seconds for the MBA to boot. My MBA has a load of apps installed and it boots much faster than that.

  • Mojo Says:

    Nearly *any* dual-core laptop with a solid-state drive and Windows 7 can boot in under 25 seconds, even with a bunch of stuff installed. I decided to swap out the drive in a friend's Toshiba L505, keeping all the programs she uses, except for Toshiba's bloatware. Night and day difference!

    I second the battery life test for the Samsung Series 9...

  • jen Says:

    (if you have office installed on the mac) could you run a test with several browser windows open (with >5 tabs each) and then open and run ms word, excel and outlook and see how long they take to boot and if there is any compromise on speed?

  • Jay Says:

    "It’s worth noting that the MacBook Air booted in 15 seconds when we first tested it. It’s no longer at the fresh install stage now whereas the Series 9 is almost right out of the box."

    Wait, what? I know the scientific method is not applied to testing laptops, but isn't it kind of irresponsible to use the title you did when the above is true? Oh wait, that's right, you just want people to click on the link.

  • andy Says:

    i'd like to see the HD video playback on the samsung 9 in comparison to MBA. Try playing back same content on netflix, both full screen and in browser. Also Hulu comparison would be helpful.

    would also be nice to see a comparison of the webcams on them.


  • Jason Says:

    Please test the display quality! Contrast ratios, brightness etc. This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects of any laptop and these numbers are sadly lacking from your reviews.

  • david stillwell Says:

    I second the touchpad testing.

    Scroll and click for Web surfing.

  • Noach Says:

    It would be nice if you tested the battery life endurance and temperature when doing video decoding or 3d modeling intensively.

  • Jason Says:

    Doesn't look like a clean install on the MBA for a fair comparison for the boot test.

  • Sam Says:

    Please test the touchpad intensively. Are the multi-touch gestures as good as on the macbook air?

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