Samsung Series 7 Gamer Yellow 3D Announced for Korea

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Samsung's Series 7 Gamer laptop is getting a refresh, upping the specs and capabilities of this powerful notebook. Called the Series 7 Gamer Yellow 3D by the company's official Samsung Tomorrow blog, this notebook has, you guessed it, a bright yellow finish and 3D capabilities.

This Intel i7-3610QM powered notebook also features a graphics upgrade, featuring an AMD Radeon HD 7870M graphics card instead of the previous GeForce GTX 675M. There is a 14.3-inch SuperBright 3D LED display, a 1TB hard drive for storage and a 128GB SSD for quick booting. 

This notebook will be available in Korea tomorrow, priced at 2.99 million won (around $2,648 USD). There's no word yet on international availability.

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