Samsung May Bring OLED Screens to MacBook, iPad

Analysts have anticipated the possible release of a 16-inch MacBook for quite some time. But what else, other than a size increase, could make the device stand out? A new report from Korea’s The Elec News contains intriguing statements from an “unnamed official” familiar with Apple's product line. According to this source, Apple is committed to ordering OLED screens from Samsung for future products such as “notebooks and tablets.” Keep in mind, this site does not have a reputation for accurate leaks.

In order to quell the latest multi-million dollar dispute between the two tech giants involving Apple’s underdelivered phone shipments to Samsung, Apple has “offered multiple options” to repay the Korean manufacturer. In order to avoid costly fines, Apple has agreed to order OLED screens from Samsung for future products.

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Apple has evolved its device ecosystem starting with converting smaller screens to OLED first. Starting with Apple Watch, OLED technology soon found its way into the iPhone X. Extrapolating an OLED iPad and MacBook release doesn’t seem too crazy. As devices aim to become even thinner and lighter, OLED panels can potentially help reduce bulk and power consumption. The technology is also more responsive than LCD, and provides more vivid colors as well as increased brightness.

While an OLED display would pair nicely with the premium priced device, we cannot confirm this information until a more reputable source becomes available.

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