Samsung LC11 is First Mobile Broadband Hotspot Router to Ride 4G LTE

Samsung and Verizon are teaming up for the carrier's first  mobile hotspot router with a connection to the blazing fast 4G LTE network. The Samsung LC11 can connect up to five gadgets to the next-gen network with advertised data speeds of 5 to 12 MBps downloads and 2 to 5 MBps uploads. The card-like device is about the width of a MiFi, just a bit thicker. On the outside is a microUSB port for connecting the broadband card to a computer or tablet directly, and inside it packs support for 3G connections. Samsung also says that the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n radio will offer connectivity for up to 150 feet in good weather conditions. LTE is available in 32 cities and 62 airports around the country. For a full list, check here.

Will the Samsung LC11 match or exceed the exceptional 4G download speeds of 18.6 MBps we notched on the LGVL600 broadband card we tested last year? We'll find out as soon we put it under some hands-on tests. Until then, more pictures below.

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