Which Samsung Galaxy S4 is Right for You?

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Samsung's immensely popular Galaxy S4 is not only one of the best smartphones on the planet, it's also one of the hottest selling. In fact, Samsung says it sold more than 10 million Galaxy S4s in its first month of availability, and analysts at Merrill Lynch project the company to move as many as 65 million handsets by year's end.

So how can Samsung build on that kind of momentum? By releasing a slew of different S4 variants. Thus far, Samsung has announced five different versions of the Galaxy S4 in addition to the original, including the Mini, Zoom, Galaxy Active, Developer Edition and the Galaxy S4 with 4G LTE Advanced. What's the difference between all these Galaxy S4s? Check out our handy-dandy Galaxy S4 Guide to find out. 

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  • ahmad.jafari Says:

    galaxy s4

  • Varun Says:

    This is article is wrong. The developer edition is not the "pure google experience" that you say. There is the "GS4 Google Edition" which offers pure google experience and is only available for AT&T and T-Mobile. The "Developer Edition" is a stock GS4 in every way but with an unlocked bootloader for people who like to mess around with custom ROMs and such.

  • John Kerr Says:

    I was all set to get an S4 'Standard' model, but having recently started using a seven inch Android tablet I'm now wavering between the Galaxy Note 2, waiting for the GN3 or getting the S4. Being a Verizon customer eliminates any chance at an S4 Active for me.

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