Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Coming to AT&T on Oct. 4

Samsung announced its Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch earlier this month, but both devices are beginning to see more widespread availability in the U.S. Come Oct. 4, AT&T subscribers will be able to get their hands on Samsung’s Note 2 successor and its accompanying watch.

The Note 3 will be available for $35 per month if you opt for AT&T’s Next plan or $299.99 with a two-year contract. The Galaxy Gear will sell for $299.99 through AT&T as well. AT&T joins the likes of T-Mobile, Best Buy and Verizon in offering the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear next month, although AT&T doesn’t offer a package deal like Verizon. Customers on Verizon’s network can choose to purchase the Note 3 on a two-year contract with the Galaxy Gear as a bundle for $599.98.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 3 alongside the Galaxy Gear at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin earlier this month. The Note 3 comes equipped with a roomier 5.7-inch, 1920 x 1080-pixel display, a faster 2.3-GHz quad-core (or 1.9-GHz octa-core) processor, and new features that build on Samsung's suite of S Pen enabled apps. The Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s first major venture into the wearable tech space, features a 1.63-inch, 320 x 320 resolution display with a 1.9-megapixel camera. The wrist accessory can make or receive phone calls and sync with fitness apps, but is only currently compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014).

Lisa Eadicicco
LAPTOP Staff Writer
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