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Motorola May Launch a Phablet and a Smartwatch in 2015

Motorola could be the next manufacturer to jump into the phablet game. Just days after Lenovo purchased the company's mobile division from Google, reports are suggesting that a 6-inch phone, a Moto X successor and a smartwatch are all in Motorola's 2015 lineup.

According to a recent post in China's Sina Weibo forum, the next-generation Moto X is already in development. The blog doesn't go into much detail, however. Lenovo's ownership over Motorola Mobility isn't expected to change the customization options available for the Moto X, the post notes.

The author behind the blog is said to be a reliable source that leaked correct information about the Moto X and Moto G prior to their respective launches, PhoneArena says. It's unclear exactly what the future holds for both Motorola and Lenovo, but we would love to see a Vibe Z-esque phablet with Motorola's clean Android UI and touchless voice controls in the future.

via Sina Weibo