RIP White MacBook (2009-2011)

White MacBook, we hardly knew thee.

While the big Apple news today is the refreshed 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs, as well as Mac OS X  Lion, the company also confirmed that it's killing off the white MacBook. According to Apple, the 11-inch MacBook Air, which also starts at $999, has simply proved more popular than the plastic 13-inch MacBook, so the white MacBook is being shown the door. Did Apple make the right call?

As cool as the 11-inch Air is, on paper the 13-inch MacBook seems like the better everyday notebook. You got a larger screen (albeit with less resolution), more storage space at the base price (250GB vs 64GB for the Air), and a built-in optical drive. On the other hand, the 11-inch Air is a lot more portable, sports a backlit keyboard, and wakes up instantly because it uses flash storage. We'll leave it up to you: If you had $999 to spend for notebook, which system would you rather have? Will you miss having the white MacBook as an option?

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LAPTOP Reviews Editor