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Republic Wireless Offering $99 Motorola Defy XT with $29 Monthly Plan

Republic Wireless, the company behind the noteworthy $19/month unlimited smartphone plan, just pushed out a rather enticing offer. The company used to market its mediocre Motorola Defy XT smartphone on its affordable prepaid service, but the price of the phone was $249 upfront and prohibited budget users from quickly jumping in. Today, Republic Wireless announced a lower cost Motorola Defy XT with a higher monthly fee. The device is priced at $99 at the outset, with a no-contract, $29-a-month service plan. For those who can't front the money for a new phone right away, this is certainly an attractive option.

“Consumers spoke, and we listened. It’s that simple,” David Morken, co-founder and president of Republic Wireless parent company Bandwidth, wrote in a statement. “People love Republic and the tremendous savings we offer consumers, but the upfront $249 price point for the Motorola DEFT XT was cost-prohibitive for some. Today’s announcement provides the option for shoppers to save now with a lower price for the phone, or save over time with a lower monthly cost for service."

To sweeten the deal, Republic Wireless is also offering $50 worth of credit from the Google Play store for anyone who purchases a Motorola Defy XT between now and March 18.

Republic Wireless launched late in 2011, initially on a beta program. (We tested the service with an LG Optimus S back in January.) In July 2012, the company started letting other folks in. We took the Motorola Defy XT, the carrier's latest model, out for a spin in December 2012.

via Republic Wireless blog