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Report: Facebook's Project Spartan Poised to Enter the HTML5 Ring

Facebook's long-awaited iPad app may be part of Apple's iPhone announcement next week, if the rumors can be believed. TechCrunch grabbed some unique looking app developer screens that seem to point to some dramatic changes, and may be linked to the Facebook Spartan Project (a.k.a. iPad app). The rumors go on to add that the Facebook iPad app has been ready for some time, but was simply waiting for next week's Apple iPhone/iOS 5 announcement to be released.

The rumored Grecian codename is said to be an HTML5-friendly app built for iOS. The leaked screenshots, which have since been taken down, reveal a few core components, such as icons for Bookmarks, Messages, Notifications, and Friend Requests. There will also be in-app purchasing support, app searching/bookmarking, event invite support and support for both iOS and Android. Stay tuned as we gather more information, and check out our coverage of Apple's event next week.