RealPlayer Cloud Lets You Upload, Share and Watch Your Videos Anywhere

Looking to do for video what Dropbox has done for documents, RealNetworks has launched RealPlayer Cloud, a platform that lets you upload, share and watch videos from a mobile device. It's available now for free on iOS, Android, PC, and Roku.

The concept behind RealPlayer Cloud is simple: Upload your video content and watch it anywhere. Videos can be streamed or downloaded from RealPlayer Cloud, and the app supports synced playback so you can start a video on one device and finish it on another.  If you own a Roku player, you can also watch RealPlayer Cloud content on your TV. 

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RealPlayer Cloud uses SurePlay technology to automatically format videos for different screen sizes. If you send a video to a friend using the app, they can watch it right from the Web without having to download RealPlayer Cloud itself. There's also a browser-based version of the software, too. Videos are limited to 15 minutes in length, to lessen the chance of piracy. 

RealNetworks is offering 2GB of free space for all users, with a variety of paid plans for more storage. You can get 25GB for $4.99 per month, 100GB for $9.99 per month, and 300GB for $29.99 per month. Will users embrace this new software like the RealPlayer of old? Soon enough, the answer will lie in the cloud.

Michael Andronico
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