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Possible 7-inch Motorola Tablet Spotted

Motorola may have a new tablet in the hopper, according to an article published yesterday on This is My Next that claims an image shows a thin Motorola tablet that's not the Xoom.

The report is based on a leaked photo that presumably came from deep inside the bowels of a Motorola factory, where image-stabilization is not allowed in cameras and whistle-blowers have 20/10 vision. According to TIMN, the image reveals a very thin, sleek rectangular black device with a white bezel around the edge of the tablet that is "possibly a 7-incher" (a rather atypical use of this term in regards to leaked photos).

A tipster who dropped the photo points out a Motorola logo in the top left corner of the device, if you tilt your head a certain way and squint your eyes just right. Then if you're really creative, you can make out micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports on the other end, as well as a Waldo character that may or may not be wearing the proper beanie. Salvador Dali's family has denied claims that he is the posthumous tipster.

If this is indeed the successor to the 10-inch Xoom, however, it very well may make a good splash in the tablet crescendo. The screen is evidently 16:9, and looks to be glossily displaying Honeycomb’s camera app on Android. While some liked the the Xoom for business use, it ultimately fell short of the iPad 2 due to its clunky software, heavy weight, and small app selection.

via This My Next